Thrawlzin Fargo Regional Top 4

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Thrawn and His Momma 1 0 1 1.0
Grand Mother Seattle Regional Top 4 15 13 0 1.0
Thrawlzin 0 0 0 1.0
Thrawlzika 0 0 0 1.0
Thrawn / Talzin 0 0 0 1.0
Honestly says this is worse than Thrawn Talzin vehicles 0 1 2 1.0

The Destiny Council 2399

This is the list Jon brought to the Fargo Regional. He was second after swiss (6-1) with his only loss coming in the second round to an OTK deck, one of 4 that he had to face throughout the day.

  • Round 1 OTK: win (tactical into snare on Seventh secured win)
  • R2 OTK: Loss
  • R3 Obi Maz: Win
  • R4 hero vehicles: Win (force wave dealt 11 damage in 2 rounds)
  • R5 Brian's OTK: Win (tactical into double focus FTW)
  • R6 OTK: Win (Three Steps ahead FTW)
  • R7 Zeb Kanan: Win (Snare on Zeb FTW)

He won his Round of 8 against Zeb Kanan 2-1.

Upon facing Will in his Top 4 match he "won" his first game. However, Jon had won the World's lottery, and Will didn't yet have a spot. Not wanting to deny Will a chance at a World's seat, Jon conceded the next two games. This shouldn't take anything away from Will, who played exceptionally well throughout the day with Boba Seventh Sister.

The deck specializes in denying the opponent from playing removal cards with Thrawn's ability, while guaranteeing max value out of its dice with Talzin's ability and Thrawn's double focus. The deck is not an easy one to play, but once you've grown comfortable with it, it is incredibly consistent. The pilot always knows his opponents hand and rarely needs to rely on lucky rolls. Look for a deck tech article to appear on later this week.


rkik 747

Loved seeing this in action and I'm glad to see Thrawn has a place in the meta.

TheHyperloops 3245

Was playing this on TTS League lost to boba phasma and couldn't consistently beat sabine. "Looks at article- Has a hard time beating Sabine and Boba Phasma." Glad I wasn't wrong :p -NJCuenca

The Destiny Council 2399

Yeah, those match-ups can be hard. I've practiced the Boba Phasma match-up enough (my brother has been playing it) that I feel pretty comfortable. Sabine still feels extremely frustrating. I'm still holding out hope that I can adapt and find a way to beat it, but it's a hard match-up. In theory damage heal and Force Illusion can be good against Sabine, until she just rolls a straight 9 / NTMTO... It almost feels like you have to call 3 turn 2 and on. -Jon

chinovalley 316

This is a fun deck to play, ran it yesterday in our local tourney, went 3-0 vs Sabine/Yoda, Rainbow OTK and Obi/Maz. Played a casual game afterwards and lost to Boba/7th, but he had a great opening round and I was stuck with a rough draw. That happens but the three games during the tournament were all very consistent. Good stuff!

chinovalley 316

I should add these are good players doing prep for our upcoming two Regionals so yeah, this deck can hold its own. :)

BlaackSanta 3

How good is Force Wave. Could it be replaced with say Force Throw?

bboyspiderman 93

@BlaackSantaForce Wave is absolutely integral to beating 3/4-wide decks. Especially since we are still in a meta that includes Hero Vehicles. Even without, it's still worth doing 5 damage and taking one yourself.

Force throw is good, but it's a control card, and it'd be like replacing someone's Handcrafted Light Bow with a Maz's Goggles.

BlaackSanta 3

Needed to know if I should trade for waves or not. Thanks for the info

Henslesax 35

Props to this deck, finished in top 4 at a small local store tournament, all i did was switch 2 or 3 cards that i prefered.

Wave is definitely better to have in this deck than Throw, really helps vs 3 or 4 characters deck.

Schattenriss 1

@The Destiny Councilgreat and the article is written very well. You have used three steps ahead and tactical mastery. Why did you prefer it over all in?

The Destiny Council 2399

Tactical and Three Steps can both act as Psuedo-All ins as well as having the added benefit of being able to activate and kill a character before your opponent has any chance for counter-play.

v1p3rau 1

‘Resolve the focus to Thrawn’s other 2 focus side allowing for 3 focus effects on your other dice’

Isn’t that 4 actions?

Activate character and change to focus Use focus to change to other focus and damage Use focus to change to max damage Resolve

Can’t see how you can do that in 3 actions?

Please help!

littlemag126 445

The second action you take is "resolve dice: focus", thus the 2 focus to 2 focus and 3 other sides is a single action

bboyspiderman 93


@littlemag126is correct.