Seventh Boba - Las Vegas 2018 Regional 1st Place

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Italian Nationals - Top 8 - SadoCouple 2 1 0 1.0

Sherkaun 277

If you are playing vs a slower deck like mill or vehicles you will want to get maul's saber first turn, this deck has very few upgrades and relies on Lightsaber Pull to get what you want. I generally kept 1 0 cost removal card, and always kept Bait and Switch to get early fast damage, and also Fast Hands to get around removal.

Vs. Fast aggro decks like Sabine/Yoda or Sabine/Ezra I will try to get ancient lightsaber first turn, then a redeploy second turn, don't even try for Maul's Lightsaber unless they focus Boba first.

Here were the matchups and how they played out

Round 1 (win) - eObi / Maz.

I've played the Obi/Maz deck probably close to 30 times and was strongly considering it for the regionals, I always focus on Obi first, and it has worked out every time. I actually want them spending resources on removal because it stops Obi from ramping up.

Round 2 (win) - eObi / Maz

Round 3 (win) - Hero Vehicles (Rose, Aayla, Ezra)

Focused on disrupting and removing cards from hand when he was ready to play vehicles. Killed Ezra early second turn with fast hands, did this to handle Into The Garbage Chute, Easy Pickings, and Entangle.

Round 4 (lose) - Mirror Match

He was playing a slightly different version than mine, but had Fast Hands, like my deck. I started off with crappy rolls and a crappy hand, while he had God rolls and a perfect starting hand. Couldn't do much.

Round 5 (win) - eYoda, Hera, Maz

Was a fairly easy game, focused Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen first, then Hera Syndulla - Phoenix Leader then Yoda - Wizened Master

Round 6 (win) - eAayla, Wookie Warrior, Rey

Again an easy win

Top 8 Games

Round 1 (2-0) - eObi / Maz

Once again just focused on Obi first, once he is gone it's game

Round 2 (2-1) - eYoda / eHondo

First game I went after yoda with no upgrades, and won by milling him out Second game I went after yoda again and lost by getting milled out Third game I killed Hondo second turn and it left a naked yoda, easy win after that

Round 3 (2-1) - eObi / eMaz

Definitely the hardest eObi/eMaz matchup, the first game he got out Running Interference, and got ahead on damage and upgrades. I didn't get any upgrades out until the last 3rd of my deck. My mistake was not hard mulliganing for an upgrade or Lightsaber Pull.

Last two rounds I was able to Fast Hands Boba's special just in time to kill Obi before he did 6-9+ damage. Also some very well timed Alter's

Inspiration of the deck came from the Fargo Regional 1st & 2nd Deck


Yakmotek7 1

Congrats on the win and thanks for the write-up. Did you use Alter offensively or defensively most of the time?

sageleader 2

Congrats on the win. I'm confused why you have My Kind of Scum in the deck. Did you ever play it? This deck proves you can get away with only 6 true removal cards and still kick ass, so nicely done.

Sherkaun 277

@Yakmotek7 I used it in both cases, I like using it offensively more than defensively. Especially on mauls saber and bobas special

Sherkaun 277

@sageleader yeah I'm sure it's confusing for a lot of people haha. I included it for two reasons, I needed a better way to passively get resources, and I needed a counter for hondo decks. I played it probably 50% of the time, depending on how quick I got weapons out. It helped though to fully load up a character in one turn, or have enough for alter, also it makes all the character dice slightly better

Talontruth 1

4th round opponent. You actually had a good hand, I just drew what I had built the deck for against a mirror match. I let you roll out boba, you grabbed a resource then I played Abandon all hope, you discarded your resources and then I rolled half decent with 2 melee dice showing to Close Quarter Assault your Heirloom and saber pull. After that you just fell behind in the race for damage. It was a fun and quick game, congrats on the worlds seat.

Sherkaun 277

@Talontruth yeah im stongly considering putting abandon all hope back in after that matchup, that was a well played game! And thanks!

aasenb 666

Congrats! Few questions: If you plan to slot Abandon back in, what cards would you consider expendable at that point? I'm really liking your combo with Truce into disrupt into My King of Scum, that's a pretty fun move I'm sure you've gotten off once or twice. Second, is Alter a 2x for your deck? Was Fast Hands typically on Boba all game or was it an early rounds type of play? (I see similar options using Speed on sister, seem to take the same sort of slot in the upgrade suite)

Sherkaun 277

@aasenb tough call, I'm thinking either My Kind of Scum or a single Close Quarters Assault. Yeah I did get a few of those My Kind of Scum - Truce combos off, they felt great.

Yes I always felt good drawing Alter, I wouldn't remove any of those.

Fast Hands was usually on boba until I got rid of Obi-wan or other key characters, so I could wait until he rolls out then activate and special the 3 damage.

Most people focus seventh first because of Maul's Lightsaber, I put fast hands on boba to make him a jucier target. If I had Force Speed, it would make seventh the bigger target

remorhaz 14

well done! I was wondering how long it would take for alter to start making deck lists. ive been playing it in a very low upgrade count emperor deck since legacies hit and altering his dice to 6r/4indirect after a force speed special is rude. not having to spew cards rerolling for damage in critical turns is well worth the two resources.

Sherkaun 277

@remorhaz that make a really strong case for force speed instead of fast hands in this deck, usually I have to play friends in low places, or wait until they are out of removal before playing alter

bboyspiderman 93

hey man!

I was playing Hero Vehicles that day and was sitting next to you possibly 90% of the day, if not a person away at times. I was hoping to play you after decimating a 7th/Boba in the 6th round, but alas, our meeting was not to be.

That second turn kill of my buddy's Hondo was so rough, and was a great insight to how the rest of the regional was going to go for you.

I'm glad to see someone else tech-ing My Kind of Scum for the Hondo matchup. Hopefully it works out for you int he future as well. Speaking of the future, moving forward from this tournament, will you continue to run this deck for this meta provided nothing crazy rears it's head like Thrunkar did to the EaW meta towards the end? Any big changes you'll make to the deck after Saturday's performance?

Last questions: What's your hardest match-up, and what's the best way to combat your deck in terms of who to kill first and what card is the best Vandalize target?

Sherkaun 277

@bboyspiderman hey! Thank you! If nothing changes for the current meta yeah I will be sticking with this deck.

I’m considering abandon all hope, but depends on what else happens in the meta. If it becomes majority boba seventh I will have to adjust.

Hardest matchup was either the last eObi/eMaz, or the mirror match.

My favorite decks are ones where there are no clear first targets, and play around who the opponent targets first. I’m also a fan of two medium characters, where if one dies I still have a good chance. I would definitely vandalize fast hands or force illusion

thevoiceoftcc 1

great deck! Congrats on the win!

TinyGrimes 3074

I'm curious what you make of your alter play in game 3 of the finals, when you did not pay for the weapon you played. Your opponent used Maz to turn their dice. You then played an alter when you should not have had any money left.

Sherkaun 277

@TinyGrimes I was made aware of my mistake shortly after leaving the event, then double checked the recording and saw indeed I did forget to pay for the overwrite. I definitely didn’t realize it until made aware, thanks for being vigilant though!