Top 8 CT Regionals - Kanan Zeb

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Typo 34

This is the deck I took to the Connecticut Regionals, going 6-2 in Swiss, losing to Yoda/Hondo in top 8.

I put in Close Quarters Assault in place of Maz's Vault as a tech against Hero Vehicles, OTK and Sabine/X decks. I am still not sure if this was the right decision, but Close Quarters Assault definitely won me a couple games throughout the day.

The deck really rewards knowing how to maximize both Kanan and Zeb's unique abilities and using Running Interference to slow down your opponent just enough to execute your game plan.

Throughout the day I was able to surprise my opponents by utilizing Kanan's die sides to gain resources or focus Zeb's dice to burst damage out of nowhere or gain resources to play mitigation. I also found that Zeb's ability paired with ranged upgrades made it awkward for my opponents to use Easy Pickings effectively against me.

The deck was really fun to pilot and I never really felt like my matchups were truly unwinnable.

Also, shout outs to all my opponents who put up with me for playing force misdirection instead of force illusion on my characters. Every time I had both cards in my hand I would put down the misdirection as an illusion only to have my opponent look at me like I had 2 heads.


whozeppelin224 15

love the deck! congrats on the top 8 finish!

Typo 34

@whozeppelin224 Thanks!

JBowser 57

Congratulations on getting top 8 @Typo. I always enjoy it when something off-meta makes the top cut.

What cards do you mulligan for in this deck?

With your choice of Starship Graveyard as the battlefield, is there anything in particular that you want to get back out of your discard pile?

Going forward, are you happy with Kanan's ability, or would you consider swapping him out for Yoda?

Typo 34

Thanks @JBowser!

As far as mulligans go, it really depends on the matchup, but I am usually happy seeing 1 form of mitigation, an ambush weapon, and either Running Interference or Force Speed. Against decks like Hero Vehicles or OTK, I focused on getting Vibroknife and CQA, as you will most certainly get out valued by those decks if you can't remove some of the tools in their hand.

With Starship Graveyard I usually got back ambush weapons for overwriting in order to have some resources during the turn to pay for mitigation or damage sides, as the deck is resource hungry at times.

I am pretty happy with Kanan overall. In testing, he did everything I wanted from Yoda but just a bit faster. Also having Force Misdirection live against melee and ranged decks is amazing.

I would consider swapping to Yoda if there were more decks that relied on specials in the meta, or if I felt that I could leave my dice in the pool for a turn without them being removed.