Yoda the Champion - 1st place/top 8 Italy Nationals 2018

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Yoda the Master - 2nd place Regional Lucca (Italy) @Jolly Tr 5 3 2 1.0
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Yoda's Girls - Worlds 2018 19th place 8 5 1 1.0

ForceSquad 328

Hello everyone! Matteo from Force Squad here again with a beautiful deck who made me win the Italy Nationals this weekend! I'm really really happy, it was a long and hard tournament and I'm thankful to everyone I met these two days. A special thank must go to the organizers, who made the whole event a total success!

But let's go straight to the deck and to the report. I decided to play again this deck because I tested it A LOT in the last 5 months. I have published all the previous versions I brought to tournaments and EVERY SINGLE TIME I had a positive result. Also, we saw the deck has a very positive matchup against OTK and we expected only a few Sabines (who probably is the principal fear of the deck). These previsions were correct only partially (Sabine was not so present, even if the most dreadful player was running her) but no OTKs in the whole event. His place was brutally taken by Boba as a friend for the Sister thank to the regional wins he took in the last weeks. I've also seen a good number of Kylo/Talzin, but unfortunately none of them made it to the top 8. Last but not least there were 5 other copies of my deck, one of them piloted by my teammate Fabio (who also made top 8!!); 3 of them were from our friends from the same meta we come, and I'm very proud they loved that much the deck to bring it to the national championship!

Since I've spent a lot of words on the card choices during the previous deck profiles (and the list hasn't changed from the regional in Lucca, in which I took the 2nd place) I'm not going to talk about the list. However I'll be glad to answer any question ;)

Let's go with the report then!

Round 1: Win vs Sabine/Ezra. The first round was against a player I met a few other times, and versus the character I feared most. My output of damage was really high in the first two rounds and Sabine didn't rolled too well, and she died on round 3. Ezra alone is an easy picking for all my force users ;)

Round 2: Win vs Rieekan/Yoda/Partisan. I was hoping not to find this deck since I hadn't tested against it, but I was also feeling comfortable since I have a lot of shield-removing cards and Rend. Unfortunately my start was bad, without upgrades, and both the Shotos and the Light Bow went discarded from my deck. However the game ended over time and mill simply cannot win if that happens.

Round 3: Win vs Boba/Phasma. A close game against a friend and good player which I've faced some times. I was able to kill Phasma early (that disabled his Tactical Mastery) and Boba wasn't enough aggressive to take the game.

Round 4: Loss vs Yoda/Ezra/Rookie Pilot. A bad start and some errors took that match to the overtime; here all his vehicles simply made too much damage to win this.

Round 5: Loss vs Sabine/Ezra piloted by Scott Reed. A really strong player from who I have only to learn. The game went down in 3 rounds: in the first 4 damage on the padawan and Jump before my setup, in the second the padawan died and Rey went hurt and in the third NTMTO closed the game. That's why I fear Sabine more than any other character.

Round 6: Win vs Kylo/Talzin. A very kind player who didn't expected all the tricks my deck can do. This matchup is virtually bad but I have 2 points in my favour: a lot of grey cards (and Rend between these) and a lot of speed. Kylo died and Talzin had no upgrades; from here I had no more troubles.

Round 7: Win vs Boba/Sister. Another match versus a player I face in every tournament I play. I was able to kill Boba in a few Rounds and the Sister was not so frightening with only one upgrade on.

Round 8: Win vs Kylo/Talzin. The game went pretty much like the previous one: Holocron took Rend and my opponent was forced to play his upgrades paying them. This reduced a lot his possibilities and when Kylo came down the game ended.

I had a 6-2 record after Swiss; I had a high rating so I came fourth in the general standings. Unluckily my teammate Fabio was fifth so we knew we had to fight each other in the top 8 match. And we all know how that ended... However, that was the top 8 after Swiss:

1st Boba/Sister

2nd Boba/Sister

3rd Sabine/Ezra

4th Yoda/Rey/Padawan

5th Yoda/Rey/Padawan

6th Yoda/Aayla/Padawan

7th Yoda/Rey/Padawan

8th Talzin/Bala/Stormtrooper

Top 8: Win vs Yoda/Rey/Padawan, piloted by my friend Fabio as previously said. The first game Rend on Speed and bad rolls from my Rey concluded the game in his favour. The second game went pretty much the same, but me in heading position. I had better rolls on game 3, and in the overtime I had less damage taken.

Top 4: Win vs Boba/Sister. A really strong player, who lost to me only because of Yoda's side... Since the match was recorded I will not tell anything else. I will post the link to the video once published!

Final: Win vs Sabine/Ezra. Again Sabine/Ezra. Again Scott. The worst player with the worst deck, but somehow I did it!!! The final was recorded, so wait for the video to come out ;) However, I want to congratulate Scott for the strong player he is, and for the most heartbreaking matches I had with him during the two days of tournament.

Here it is! Please check this deck because he have a lot of good cards and good combos to do, almost every player I faced can assure this to you ;)

I'm really happy for the result, I never thought I would get this high. Somehow it happened, so... see you at worlds! Goodbye!


Bayushi Sezaru 914

Matteo, congrats on your victory! It was absolutely deserved! You played (almost) flawlessly, and the Force was with you!

ForceSquad 328

@Bayushi Sezaru thank you very much! I know my mistakes and I've done a lot, so the Force must have been super strong in me XD

hyunkel76 16

Keep up the good work man, this deck is awesome.

ForceSquad 328

@hyunkel76 thanks man, it's really appreciated

pudduk 35


ForceSquad 328

@pudduk se idolo io sono, idolo anche tu sei!

Vash419 1

would you keep 2 rends or drop it to 1 in favor of a concentrate? or something else? congrats on the finish!!

ForceSquad 328

@Vash419 Thanks! About rend: I decided to play that card because I wanted it in certain matchups (in particular Sabine, who has Running Interference, Maz's Vault and Force Speed if there's a blue partner, and Kylo, against whom it's particularly strong because it's grey and removes Holocron). Since these are not good matchups, against these decks I simply want to draw it, and that's why the 2 copies. I think that right now there are 2 possibilities, since the 0 cost cards are really strong:

1) you want to remove some 0 cost cards, and you play rend in 2 copies

2) you ignore the 0 cost cards you opponent could have and play around them in other ways (remember that other decks can play some Vandalize or Force Rend)

I don't think that having it in one copy is a good choice right now. Probably I would totally remove it for some Hidden Motive (Rivals was not legal at the tournament, that's why it is out of the deck) if necessary, but adding some focus cards is not needed in my opinion. However another deck based on this made top 4 (congrats again @pudduk ;) ), and the pilot decided to play some more cards to combo (2 Swiftness, 2 The Power of the Force and a Lightsaber Training). His list is online if you want to see it!

Hope to have fully answered your questions ;)

Vash419 1

Well ty so much for the info I understand now why you chose what you did would you add anything that was not legal at the time??

ForceSquad 328

No problem ;) I only want to add Hidden Motive, other cards from Rivals are useless for this particular deck.

ForceSquad 328

I'm thinking on the Crafted Lightsaber, but you usually want to have the new die instantly

ForceSquad 328

If anybody wants to see some videos, these are the Semifinl and Final matches of the National Championship, and the third is a deck profile I made with my team (unfortunately we lost the profile we made after the final, together with some guests):

Top 4: www.youtube.com

Final: www.youtube.com

Profile: www.youtube.com