Boba/Kallus Guns

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Hessian_Hessian_Hessian 227

The aim is to deal a tonne of damage, beating down any shields that get in the way, docking bay is there so you can discard those supports to reroll, and not worry about losing them. The die control comes from the events mainly. I've mainly built this from bits and bobs that I own, or can get easily. Please please please please please please critisize lots and lots and lots!


Patpatine 177

Love the deck, I'm a huge fan of damage decks, but I would probably switch Ice storm and a prized possession with a First order Tie fighter and another target intel. The Tie fighter would get rid of shields more efficiently, while another target intel would increase your chances of more direct damage. Getting rid of Ice storm isn't that great a loss considering it effects your characters as well, and you can only have one prized possession in your deck because it's unique

Sponge Dingus 1

That's incorrect @Patpatine. You can have two copies of any card with the same name in your deck, but you can only have one unique copy of a card in play

Patpatine 177

Actually, it is not incorrect. Hover the mouse over prized possession card. You will then see that it has a star next to the name, signifying that it is unique.

adevers 1

"A player cannot have more than one copy of a unique card in play at the same time...... and a player cannot play a unique support or unique upgrade if they already have another copy of that card in play.

In play =/= in deck. You can have two copies of a unique in a deck. If you look at a lot of top 16 decks, they do this. The rule is you're only allowed to have one in play. You cant play the second one until the first goes away.

Patpatine 177

Fair enough

Hessian_Hessian_Hessian 227

Thanks for the tip @Patpatine