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bigdanorama 140

Some of the local players have called this "Sabine-lite." I don't think it's anywhere near as good as Sabine, but it can hit hard very quickly. Han's ability to reroll any die is very versatile, although I find myself using it mostly on my own dice to pump out more damage. The idea is to action cheat lots of damage to avoid mitigation while you mitigate your opponents dice with cards, Han's reroll, or the battlefield (provided you have Frozen Wastes - Starkiller Base).

Some of the key cards in this build are as follows:

Quick Draw into an ambush weapon lets you hit hard with no response. Having 8 ambush weapons helps enable the combo.

Impulsive: an amazing card when you have either a Poe Dameron's Blaster special showing, along with with which you could kill off a character if only you could resolve them both. Even better with Poe's 2 side.

Hasty Exit: you'll often be faster than your opponent so chances are you'll have control of the battlefield. You can play this and then claim on your next turn to remove 2 dice without spending resources.

Running Interference: not much more to say about this card with what's known. Exhausting RI after playing a card like Truce or one of the many ambush weapons gives you lots of damage potential.

Retreat: Great card to shut down turns for vehicle decks. If I used other resource generators like Maz's Vault or Smuggler's Run, I can see using 2 Hyperspace Jump instead, which has the added benefit of switching battlefields.

This deck is a lot of fun and fairly easy to pilot. I recommend you try it out, along with other Han Solo - Savvy Smuggler variants focused on speed.

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