London Regional 1st Place 11/03/2018

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3ofclubs 95

Swiss round's

Round 1 - Yoda / Rieekan / Jedha Partisan WIN

Round 2 - Sabine / Ezra WIN

Round 3 - Bobba / Phasma LOSS

Round 4 - Obi / Maz WIN

Round 5 - Yoda / Rieekan / Jedha Partisan WIN

Round 6 - Bala / Mother Talzin / Trooper WIN

Quarter Final WIN 2- 0 against Mother/Kylo Holocron deck

SEMI Final WIN 2 - 1 Bobba / Phasma

FINAL WIN 2- 0 against Mother Talzin / Kylo


GreenGiant 1

Congrats on the Win there! I was your round 1 opponent with the Mill. Really interesting deck to play against and have to say, those Handcrafted Light Bow specials really worked against me. So close with only 1 card in hand to discard at the end as well :).

3ofclubs 95

@GreenGiantthank you for your kind words.

That was such a close game! In future I've learnt to go for the Jedha Partisan first ;)

Great to meet you man, a very worthy opponent!

JBowser 57

@Stephlapod Congratualtions on your win.

What cards do you mulligan for in this deck?

3ofclubs 95

@JBowser Thank you.

I will always hard mulligan for Force speed and Poe's blaster or handcrafted lightbow.

If in my opening 5 I don't get any I will put back all 5 card's and hope to get one of the weapons mentioned. Force speed is not a necessity but you are more setup for play with it.

Alternatively, If I do not get any of the mentioned on Turn one - Rey's staff is great for mitigating opponents dice and was a real MVP of the deck throughout the day .