eKylo/eTalzin - Las Vegas 2018 Regional Top 8

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pishposh 2

Round 1 (bye)

Round 2 (win) eAayla/Wookie Warrior/Rey(awk)

Round 3 (win) eTarkin/eTalzin

Round 4 (win) eAayla/ePoe

Round 5 (win) eYoda/eHondo

Round 6 (loss) eObi/eMaz

Top 8 (loss) eYoda/eHondo

I had a hard time getting Chance Cube to work for me. Seems like it was often getting mitigated or removed from play via Rend or Vandalize. As a result I ended up playing most of my games really light on upgrades.

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bboyspiderman 93

You ended up playing my buddy Andy in the top 8 first match. I was playing on the live stream table during your match and missed it completely unfortunately.

But I was told by him during his reflections of the day that your deck was definitely oppressive and "scary".

Well done man, a different opponent and less chance cube mitigation and you may have seen top 2.

Your deck list seems really good, it's crazy that you have a total of 16 heal, and on top of that force illusion.. scary was the right word.