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KORpodcast 287

Hey there everyone, here is a fun budget deck than can mill but focuses on making Rey get big while using General Rieekan - Defensive Mastermind to focus her dice or shield up the team.

The deck comes out to $48.77 + 0.99 for shipping and handling. The most expensice cards in this deck are:

If you already have these cards, you are looking at most cards being under the $1 mark. If not, you can still build this list under the $50 line and have a really neat deck. For those asking "what about building R2P2?" we couldn't do it under the $50 properly. But you can easily swap out some of these cards and Rieekan for Poe Dameron - More Than A Pilot, Caution and Poe Dameron's Blaster for less than $100.

What does this deck do? Well the idea is to load up Rey and use Rieekan to make her dice hit max damage. You have shield production from Shoto Lightsaber, Yoda's Hut, Jedi Robes and Air Superiority to make Rey deal max damage with her ability. Plus using those shields to keep her alive a long time while building up Rieekan with a Rey's Staff and hopefully getting the redeploy from Rey's Lightsaber late game.

The Electrostaff is in the deck as a budget upgrade. Having 50% damage sides and a +2/+3 can push Rey into 8 damage turn 1 (Rey Ability> 2, 2 damage sides > +3 modified from Electrostaff) and Rieekan having 2 focus sides can make her consistently deal that level of damage. Adding in the 2x Synchronicityand 1x Riposte You damage ceiling goes from 8 to 15 with a god hand and god rolls.

The removal suite is pretty standard. Overconfidence, Mislead and Unbreakable are fairly stock. The Suppression Field and Confidence are there to help keep your opponent honest. If they roll out a Maul's Lightsaber you can use the Suppression Field to eat the die and with so many shields online, you shouldn't see that power action get activated easily. The Confidence is a good 0 cost removal event that can removal a powerful die and save your life. Sure you may not want to give your opponent a shield or resource, but when that die may also have a 2-3 damage side they need to kill you with, removing the die from the board is well worth that cost.

Overall this is a LOT fo fun to play. it might not win a regional but for less than $50 I can say that it's a very enjoyable way to play Destiny with your friends. It also pressures mill a little, which it might hit the upgrades or removal events you don't want to deal with. So there is a little bit of an alternate win condition, but don't rely on it too heavily. If you wanted to pressure hand disruption you could add in a Close Quarters Assault and pull out the Entrenched. There are some flex spots in the deck and they still keep you under the $50, so have fun and let us know what you think in the comments below.


5P33D 75

The shoto lightsaber is 12 bucks each? I don't think it's that good, is it?

KORpodcast 287

@5P33DIt really is that good. We talked about it on this week's podcast with the Destiny Council team actually. I highly recommend listening to what they had to say. shoutengine.com

Aglarel 2

I'm still in a non Legacies environment, what are your suggestions to substitute the Legacies cards here? Sound the alarm could work?

KORpodcast 287

@Aglarel Here are the Legacies cards in the deck:

You could swap in a couple these options but it might push the deck over $50:

Aglarel 2

I see, I own a few of that cards, so I could change some of them. Thanks for your suggestions!