Las Vegas Regional 2nd Place Deck (6-0 and #1 Seed)

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mathlete77 174

Las Vegas Tourney Report:

Round 1 vs. eZeb/eRey1 (win) Very scary game with a lot of cheats. Quick draw on Rey gives an activated character with an upgrade and two free turns to do stuff with. Double Running Interference with Vibroknife and Concentrate led to crazy damage from me and no actions from him. When he did roll big, I played Hyperspace Jump.

Round 2 vs. eKylo2/eTalzin (win) Another scary game. The deck is less than 50% blue and I had one blue card in my opening five, but Kylo still found that dang blue card! So, I took out Kylo. When one character went down, Talzin was not as scary.

Round 3 vs. eThrawn/eTalzin (win) I was excited to play against this deck since I love this deck! But, I also know this deck! Big damage on my part allowed me to kill Talzin at the start of turn 2 before she even activated! Killing Thrawn will only one damage die (Heirloom) was easy after that.

Round 4 vs. eObi2/eMaz (win) Mirror Match. We both destroyed each other’s Maz right away, but I got better upgrades and early Running Interference and that helped me defeat my opponent. This was the first game where one of my characters actually died!

Round 5 vs. eBoba/eSeventh Sister (win) This was a match-up that I was concerned about. I went after Boba first and did big damage and took him out turn 2. The Seventh Sister on her own could not handle Obi and Maz’s cheats. Again, Running Interference was huge!

Round 6 vs. eKylo2/eTalzin (win) This was actually my easiest and fastest win on the day. I got good stuff early, my opponent did not, and I was on to the Top 8 as the only undefeated and #1 seed!

Quarterfinals, Top 8 vs. eBoba/eSeventh Sister (win 2-1) This was a rematch of my Round 5 matchup. I lost the first game being too aggressive and not healing Obi with Ancient Lightsaber when I could have. He had a nice Bait and Switch and knocked Obi out. I scooped and went to Game 2. The second game was an easy game for me. I played Scruffy when he Lightsaber Pulled a Maul’s Lightsaber and that was key. He loses two cards and 3 resources and I spend one resource. Big swing in the game. I got both Running Interference against him and really slowed him down. It was a lot like our Round 5 game and I won. Game 3 was back-and-forth, but once I got Running Interference up and running, and some nice mitigation, I rolled better damage and took out Seventh Sister first, then Boba, just like I did in the second game, and won going away, but it was very close for a while.

Semi-Finals, Top 4 vs. Hero Vehicles (eRose/eAayla/Ezra) (win 2-0) I was very worried about playing against this deck. I hadn’t beat it in about 15 attempts with about 5-6 different decks. However, and early Scruffy stopping one Vehicle and targeting Rose and taking her out early saved me. I took out Rose first, Ezra second, then finally took out Aayla. None of my characters died. Much easier game than I anticipated, but I felt like I got everything I needed. I did not pat myself on the back, I just readied for the second game. In Game 2, again, I took out Rose early. Eventually, I took out Aayla, but he had no damage on Ezra with three shields. However, he was down to three cards in hand and no cards in deck. I had 5 cards in hand and 1 in my deck. I used a discard on the Vibroknife to discard one card and a CQA to take out another. With one re-roll to kill both characters, his odds were not very good of winning. He did what he could and came up short and I won by decking him (though he did most of that to himself)! Lol

Finals, Top 2 vs. eBoba/eSeventh Sister (loss 1-2) I was feeling good about this matchup after defeating it three of four games. My opponent did not draw upgrades in the first game and I did and had Running Interference working and the first game was a very easy win. I’m feeling confident now, but that was short-lived. I did a lot of damage in the second and third games, but I didn’t mitigate when I could have and I didn’t protect Obi like I should have. Also, I made a few mistakes and they cost me. My opponent played well and beat me in the next two games and I lost my only round of the day and ended up in second place.

Overall, second place doesn’t feel good at first, but I am proud of my deck decision, cards that I put in the deck and how I played (other than forgetting Obi’s shield countless times)! It felt good to do so well in a tough field and to earn a playmat (my favorite Destiny playmat artwork) and to earn the spot-glass for Thrawn! Bigtime thanks to my teammates Tiny Grimes and James Stevenson for all of the playtesting games and sharing of deck ideas. I could not have done as well as I did without you two!

Congrats to my opponent on his victory and thanks to Power 9 Games in Vegas for running a very smooth, uneventful tourney. Good luck to all of you playing in future Regionals and at Worlds!

I wrote an article on everything about the deck and some choices on Here is the link:


DarthRoman 141

Love the deck! Only thing that jumps out is no Heirloom or Hand Crafted Light Bow. Heirloom for the redeploy an Hand Crafted for Hero Shield decks or a mirror match up. Did you miss those at all?

P-Love 1

What do you try to mulligan for every game?

bungfu 1

Congrats Mr. Bruno. You played amazing. A question in terms of game play, I recall an instance where you played an ambush weapon and opted to RI activation instead of playing a card, and then had your obi die mitigated. What's the rationale behind that? Is it just to gain tempo? Or is it a dependent on the situation type of call. Interested to hear your thoughts.

mathlete77 174

@DarthRoman - I had 2x Heirlooms and a 1x Lightbow in my original deck. I had to cut them to make room for the Vibroknife and other support cards. Honestly, I did not miss them, but 1x Lightbow, especially with Maz's focus is nice. I think I would rather find room for the DL-44 Heavy B;aster because of the Ambush, Maz's Focus and the ability to remove a die of my opponent's. If you are interested in my full report and deck evolution, here is a link to my article on

mathlete77 174

@P-Love - I would love to have Force Speeds first. I also am very happy with Maz's Vault (though not a must) or Running Interference.

mathlete77 174

@bungfu - Thanks for the compliment. If I had one RI out, it depended on the game situation and the health of my characters whether I activated RI or not. Sometimes, I would save it for a bigger play (when I had Concentrate) or when I activated, to slow my opponent down, especially if I had Hyperspace Jump. Also, sometimes, it's nice to draw out some mitigation (again, if you have Hyperspace Jump) so future rolls are more successful. Also, sometimes I had so many options that I activated or help back RI at the wrong time! lol

Phoof 363

Do you ever feel like you struggled to have upgrades? Only 8 weapons and no Lightsaber Pull feels like you'd run dry occasionally over a 9+ round event. Looking at the build, especially with Vault and Truce for econ, Heirlooms just seem so attractive...

Dave Sharona 606


Be still my heart

mathlete77 174

@Phoof- Surprisingly, no. I really was worried about that to, but I can't recall starting a game without a single upgrade. With a 30-card deck and the Mulligan rule, there were times that I Mulliganed my entire hand to get an upgrade, but, fortunately, you can still do 6 damage with just Obi's dice, thanks to Maz.

@Dave Sharona - I know!! I surprised myself pulling Force Illusions from the deck, but I wanted a more aggressive build. I did go 6-0 in Swiss and Obi never died. In the Top 8, I went 5-3, and Obi did die in those 3 losses, but I still feel I could have prevented his demise with different decisions.