Budget Deck Under $50 | Bala/Talzin/Trooper | Knights of Ren

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KORpodcast 280

This deck came from Vysetron on Discord. He sent me this list and we made some changes to give Talzin more odd priced cards to help trigger her effect more often. We also made sure all the 2 cost guns have redeploy so they can keep moving around giving you maximum value from your upgrades as the game progresses. The deck clocks in at $42.22 + 0.99 shipping from CoolStuffInc.com.

The obvious threat and boss character is Bala-Tik - Gang Leader. If you can load him up and fix his dice with Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch you can setup for a Bala untap and then get more damage on the table with the LL-30 Blaster Pistol, F-11D Rifle and E-11 Blaster.

Cards like Bait and Switch and Truce help setup those fast kills by giving you the money you need to pay for your damage or flipping your dice into lethal damage without your opponent being able to remove the dice.

The removal suite is fairly stock with the odd costing cards to proc Talzin. We took out He Doesn't Like You so that you could use your dice for killing and you have one less even costing card. Feel Your Anger is a great card to punish bad rolls from your opponent while The Best Defense... and Overconfidence allow you to influence 2 dice with 1 card.

The Price of Failure was a fun tech card you can use to get more value out of Bala-Tik if your opponent decides to claim the battlefield and let you do whatever you want. You can also load up the First Order Stormtrooper with damage from The Best Defense... and then defeat him to untap Bala.

Friends in Low Places is used to turn off combo plays like Leadership or The Price of Failure from other decks running the same tactics. Or you can get rid of removal your opponent might have and give yourself hand information so you know what to play around. If you're able to get rid of a Easy Pickings or Into The Garbage Chute you have a little more space to play the game and deal more damage without getting your dice removed for 1 resource. The primary reason you have FILP in the deck is to see what your opponent has and play around it. Removing combo pieces or removal events just helps you extend your damage and get more Bala activations.

BIG thanks to Vysetron for sending in this idea, I really like what this deck does and how inexpensive it is. Talzin does a lot of dice fixing with her ability and focus side, the Trooper can offer some damage but is a strong meatshield for The Best Defense + Price of Failure combo. Bala-Tik is your best character to kill the opponent and should be protected as such. However Talzin can hold her own if Bala goes down and she gets the redeploy weapons attached to her. The deck is squishy but offers some fun lines of play and is great for any budget player looking to start playing Star Wars: Destiny. Will this win a regional? I can't say that it will. But its a fun idea and won't cost too much money to get started playing one of the most fun Star Wars games out there.

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