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Hindrax 28

Need a trilogy deck for my GQ in the coming weeks. Wanted something new and original for myself. Decided to take a look at Phasma again. The deck works well when you know who your opponent is targeting, so you can stack the other with upgrades.

Use Praetorian Guard to guardian the damage away from the heavy hitter. Maul - Vengeful One's dice is valuable, the card pool for trilogy is much more confined than standard. Don't be hesitant to use discard or resource to power your next round.

Bubble Shield is for the indirect damage that exists in the limited meta. Most of the cards are needed to fuel or protect the characters into a late game finisher. Discarding to reroll helps fuel mill decks, and slows you down... Perserverance helps in that regard.

Nightsister Coven is there to sneak in a few needed damage, and punish your opponent for rerolling.

Ill be trying to tweak this as i go. Let me know what you might add or subtract.

UPDATE: Removed Captain Phasma's Blaster in favor of Stun Baton. Removed Dark Counsel in favor of Jedi Rival. Creating shield hate for a low cost keeps my options open for Maul - Vengeful One's 3.

Added Legacies to keep things cheap, as well as being able to use Maul's Lightsaber twice in a round. Frighten added one of for a dire Power action play.

Let me know if there is anything you would see differently added.

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