Yosoka (eAhsoka/eYoda)

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Alright since I have been playing Ahsoka Kanan for quite a while and recently unpacked my first Yoda, I have decided why not try out Ahsoka Tano - Force Operative and Yoda - Wizened Master as he generates a lot of money to get Ahsoka's ability out pretty frequently.

Now the aim of this deck is to get the cheap 2 cost upgrade dice on Ahsoka such as Ancient Lightsaber, Shoto Lightsaber for the shields and the Vibroknife for the unblockable damage. Some combos I could think of when using this deck is equipping Force Speed and doing the Yoda special chaining if you get all the special sides eg. Yoda 2x Force speed, so you can turn the Ancient Lightsaber's +3 and do lets say 7 damage to a character.

And of course, if Ahsoka dies Yoda would probably be loaded up with Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber and Handcrafted Light Bow all from the CRAZY special chaining with the unblockable damage from the Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber to the Handcrafted's crazy special.

Ataru Strike with all the shields on Ahsoka by the Shoto Lightsaber's effect everytime you activate Ahsoka is pretty crazy getting the potential 3 - 7 with those extra shields. Removal is key so I have added Guard from the modifier on the Ancient Lightsaber and Heroism to block damage with shields on Yoda, Force Misdirection with the mixed damage on the Handcrafted Light Bow if you manage to get the on it is just bro. Lightsaber Pull to get the Ancient Lightsaber out multiple times to heal characters is just insane as well.

All the Gray cards are just there to help the deck a little bit, and to stop the Kylo Ren - Tormented One's effect from happening

Let me know your thoughts and see what else I can improve.

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