Boba/Ketsu Trilogy

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First off with this deck you do not have to pay anything for the dice sides (excluding upgrades) you have delve to play a speeder tank for two resources less and you have all weapons allowing ketsu to move any upgrade you want onto her. Then you have stun baton which is extra removal with the chance of damage. Also since you do not have to pay for any of the dice sides that opens you up for two resource costing cards such as entangle. Since in trilogy kylo2 will be a common sight arid wasteland will take care of any pay sides that you might have to go through making them (the kylo2 player) discard to reroll more often. Next with counter strike since ranged and melee will be a common sight you can pay one to do four damage with one die! So when you need rerolls you have take flight to reroll for an ambush and possibly removal afterward. Then you have canto bight pistol making the kylo2 matchup even better! for redeploy and three damage plus you can also use fetts ability to deal even more!

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