Top 4 Boonta Eve Classic - Indianapolis - Papa Vader

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Three-Dice-Thunder!!! 47

Played Vader / Guard at the Boonta Eve Classic in Indianapolis on March 10th.

Awesome tournament & community! Had Blast! Deck went 5-0 in Swiss winning the Pod. A few notes for those wanting to try the deck...I will skip the standard stuff (e.g., Price of Failure Play) & go straight into the notes...

Abandoned All Hope & Close Quarters Assaults - are great "one of's". Situational cards that can turn a game in your favor very quickly. Both cards came through for me in the clutch. Close Quarters Assault made all the difference against an opponent waiting for a big Bait & Switch play. Abandon All Hope all hope forced a discard all cards in hand against Sabine / Yoda who had saved up 5 resources at the start of turn 3.

I have thought about running 2 Maul's Lightsaber and going down to 1 Lightsaber Pull?!

Hidden Motive gives you 2 more O cost disruption spells. You want to spend your resources playing light-sabers so these cards are a key new addition to the deck.

Feel Your Anger feels bad against a lot of the Yoda decks in the format as Yoda - Wizened Master has no blanks...perhaps go down to 1 in a future build.

Only came up once but be careful - Vibroknife & Maul's Lightsaber can be a bit of a no combo as sometimes you want to knock of shields with your melee damage.

Don't forget your Shoto Lightsaber trigger - it has 2 options too btw...I forgot and it almost cost me...

Also Hyperspace Jump will kill your The Price of Failure play - must always be on the lookout for this card.

Deck lost to Sister / Boba in the Semi-Finals against a great opponent.

Thanks for looking! Roll Out!

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