Rainbow Anakin Mission

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maximus 417

This deck count 20 villains cards which is a good for using Anakin's special. Gamorrean protect Anakin with his guardian ability and Armor Plating plus Force Illusion help whoever is targeted by the opponent. Praetorian Guard played on First Order Stormtrooper gives him the guardian ability and some melee damages. 8 removals out of 10 mitigations cards will give nightmare to your opponent. Count on Vandalize to remove opponent's Force Illusion, Ancient Lightsaber, Force Speed, Shoto Lightsaber or Running Interference. Electrostaff and Imperial HQ, Rebel War Room - Yavin IV helps not pay for damage with a cost. If you play against two characters, take your battlefield and mulligan for Vibroknife to ignore shields. Vibroknife plus Electrostaff are great for unblockable damages!

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