eGrievous2/Phasma (Sub TIE Fighter for Grievous' Wheel Bike)

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DarthRoman 123

So immediately after seeing the new Grievous spoiled I got to thinking on how to maximize this maniac of a character. So here is my first rough draft. The goal is to hard mulligan for logistics and your 1 cost weapons. With a perfect draw you could theoretically have 4 weapons on before you roll out and use his power action round 1. If not it shouldn't be too hard to have it going by the end of round 2. Also, after he is loaded, we use Leadership to completely wreck face round 2+. I put in his wheel bike since this may be a slower deck with leadership and it lets you partnership. So a power play would be 1) Play Partnership 2) Activate Grievous, Phasma (due to wingman), and Wheel Bike 3) Pay the resource and resolve any big damage. You can also tactical mastery, roll out both characters and resolve. I could see Grievous being an absolute monster if you can get him rolling early before the big damage gets slinged at him. I'll update this deck as more cards get spoiled. Tell me what you think!

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