Worlds Prep - Boba Phasma

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The Destiny Council 2720

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Scactha 882

Personally I don´t like the investment in speed with a mixed damage roll-and-pray deck. If that´s the strategy you also need one of the following two; steady damage output or control/defense. Unfortunately the deck is 0.5 at the former and zero at the latter. Further it´s no wonder it´s penny pinched with a curve that´s a deep cleft.

I´d rather go some other path of better economy to accelerate into more dice faster and/or control to make this pair shine. Imperial Inspection/Logistics/No Good To Me Dead/Wrist Rockets (yellows Maul saber) comes to mind.

truth123 311

@Scactha Wrist Rockets is yellow card only so if the opponent were to target boba first (which most do) then wrist rockets would be a dead card in hand. I myself would recommend adding some more redeploy cards such as Captain Phasma's Blaster (just in case they target phasma first)or a Z6 Riot Control Baton since it has great dice sides to start out with.

Zenclix 1

I have been enjoying a version of this deck for several weeks now. I recently added Take Flight, and that along with Bait and Switch has added a great deal of consistency, so I don't consider this to a be a "roll-and-pray" deck. A bit of a glass jaw perhaps at just 21 health, but it can consistently do 6-8 damage per turn and under ideal circumstances burst for even more.

triplenine 8

I am attempting to action cheat as much as I can with mine as well. TacMas and Quick Draw are my babies.

karchev18 2

@Zenclixwould you mind sharing your build

triplenine 8

I think a different battlefield might be best in this pairing. While I claim almost every round, I rarely have dice left over to capitalize on. Resources or something more broadly beneficial.

Zenclix 1

@karchev18 it might be a bot of a stretch to call this "my" build, but here is the deck as I currently run it Much input was provided by Elrathion from Artificery.