Aayla wedge TRILOGY GQ winner pax 4/5/18

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mattos619 113

This is the deck I won with, by no means is this a finished deck list. I had about 5 games total with this idea of a list and tweaked it once, it still needs fine tuning. After playing 6 rounds with it it would -1 the mortor team and + the second HWK due to the fact I could special mod or mend the damage off and it works with Wedge power action. I never cast mend in my 6 rd's it always felt too expensive and I went for the damage race instead but maybe with the second HWK I would have. The target Intel was key to snipe a character off the board with all the indirect this deck runs and I would find a spot for the second.


ArrowBrookGaming 644

Nice playing with you on Thursday - Congrats on your worlds seat!

Ganexus 1

My brother used this team since the release of Legacies and won the local tournement of February (in Quebec City, there is only one local tournement by month). He plays this team full Indirect and can do crazy damage.