Reyla - 8-0 Box Tournament Winner

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Focus Ninja 1580

This has been my main team for about a month now and I have a top 5 with It at a local regional and It has been a lot of fun to play and It's super dominant. It's event and upgrade base Is over the top powerful. It's only weak matchup would be Kylo-Talzin but I'm 4-0 over that right now. Hope you guys enjoyed the list and may the force be with you...


Ganexus 1

I used this team (with some different cards) for the first time yesterday at a local tournement and finished 2nd (4-2). Great team!

Danik13 333

Simple. Effective. I like it! Good job!

GregtheBiz 372

Definitely a great list, rolled my vehicles (if I could have drawn any). Congrats on the win!

NightBring3R 122

Love the inclusion of lighsabre pull in theory atleast its like u have 4 shotos awsome stuff

artyzipp 1

Can you describe what your strategy is the first couple rounds and what you are doing a mulligan for?