Italy GQ 6-0 – Rey Aayla

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joemasilotti 1246

I went 6-0 with this deck at the Italy GQ Standard event over the weekend.

Most of this deck is pretty standard, but there are a few cards that help push above 50% against most of the field. It is heavily inspired by @crawwurm's Raayla - 2nd place Atlanta regionals. Check out their deck analysis on The Hyperloops for even more information and card choices.

  • Decisive Blow - I won every time I played this card. With a little bit of planning it is very easy to end a round with 1 , roll in whoever has the most upgrades, and more than likely destroy your opponent's turn on their activation.
  • Rend - This helped a ton against Force Speed. I initially had it teched in for Running Interference, but I didn't see any during the day.
  • Lightsaber Pull - mostly just to have a second Rey's Lightsaber. But also useful late game for cycling an Ancient Lightsaber when s are abundant.
  • Close Quarters Assault - definitely a standard card but its worth calling out how devastating this can be on turn one or two to your opponent. Hitting for two is just fine - don't get greedy. But pulling three or four cards practically ends the round - especially against Vehicles decks.


You are looking for Rey's Lightsaber, It Binds All Things, Close Quarters Assault, and Reaping The Crystal, in that order. Two shields on Rey make it very easy to get her ability off at the beginning. It also sometimes makes your opponent go for Aayla!


Round 1: Bye

Round 2: Hero Vehicles

An early Close Quarters Assault picked off a Resistance Bomber and another vehicle which enabled me to ramp more aggressively than my opponent (upgrades vs. vehicles).

Round3: Yoda/Hondo

Hondo was off the board at the end of the second round thanks to a great chain from Aayla into a Handcrafted Light Bow . Taking care of Hondo before Second Chance is drawn is key to this matchup.

Round 4: Mirror

This match could have gone either way. The last round came down to who could re-roll for lethal first. I had claimed the battlefield the turn before so I had an extra chance at rolling and the shield from Obi-Wan's Hut.

Round 5: Kylo2/Annakin

Perhaps the matchup I feared the most, and against the Italy National Champ as well. We both hit Close Quarters Assault in the first two rounds and damage was very back and forth. But he got hit with a very unlucky Doubt roll - Aayla hitting the only side that could put Kylo under.

Round 6: Yoda/Hondo

Again, going for Hondo first felt right. And again I was able to kill him before he found Second Chance.


Bilverius 47

Congrats! Great deck and great player! I hope that our testing in Bologna has helped you. Fear the Wookie!

Oboro 1

Hey Joe! Congrats for the win, very well deserved.

I'm the guy you faced in the mirror march on round 4... Very close and tense game, and lot of fun. I really enjoyed that game, and I can't see any major mistake in my play in that match. Claim the battlefield was the right move, and that placed you a step ahead as you said. I would have claimed myself, but I couldn't...(you still had a couple of dice in your pool, that would get rid of my last 3 HP easily...). This deck is really powerful, no doubt about that, and you were able to drive it flawlessly, kudos to you!


lev 27

With Running Interference getting nerfed, would you consider replacing Rend?

m4lk4v00 14

Did you tested it with Force Speed? I'm running one on my deck and strugling about taking it out...

crawwurm 138

good list ;)

joemasilotti 1246

@Bilverius thanks for welcoming me to the Bologna group! Everyone is super friendly and supportive - its been great learning from everyone these past few weeks.

Also, this deck struggles against three-wide Wookie decks. I don't know why, but it just does. I've lost every single match against that deck.

@Oboro thank you! A fun game indeed - one of my favorite from the... sixteen games I played over the weekend. Are there any major card differences in your version?

@lev I was debating adding 2x Sound The Alarm before the tournament, so I would probably go with those. It also keeps your Grey:Blue ratio the same for Kylo2 matchups. That said, if mill becomes more prominent then 2x Synchronicity could be nice.

@m4lk4v00 I tested Force Speed extensively and never felt it worth the card nor upgrade slot. I would much rather have a weapon in its place. This deck plays very fair, there aren'y any combos that require two actions.

@crawwurm this deck was heavily inspired by your Raayla - 2nd place Atlanta regionals, thanks for the awesome write-up on The Hyperloops, too! I added in a shout out at the beginning of the description.

Oboro 1

@joemasilotti Here the differences:

  • Single copy of Ancient Lightsaber (I own only that one, otherwise I would run 2 of them ....). In place of the second copy of Ancient, I have put in a Vibroknife. It's 2 cost, so it is ok in case you have nothing better first hand; it's grey, so it is good against Kylo, and helped me in a couple of rounds to deliver the fatal blow through shields/force illusion. The main drawbacks are that it does not work with IBAT and does not heal you like Ancient...
  • Synchronicity 2x (instead of 1x Lightsaber Pull and 1x Decisive Blow). Right now the meta is Force illusion heavy, so I opted for unblockable damage for free. Anyway, these are flexible card slots, so it is more a matter of personal taste. I recognize though that Decisive Blow can be a game changer if pulled out at the right time, but considering my usual luck with 1x cards...


Straken 2

Why Caution over Heightened Awareness?

I get that you lose a Shield but it is Ambush, and keeps your die in the ppol/can be used without rolling?

Bayushi Sezaru 914

`@joemasilotti congrats on your great performance over the week-end! You are definitely a good player, it seems! :)

Looking forward to some more games at Goblin!


joemasilotti 1246

@Oboro Vibroknife definitely seems like a good replacement for a 2nd Ancient Lightsaber. I found Synchronicity ended up being dead a ton of times for me - not having a on Aayla's hurts.

@Straken Heightened Awareness costs 2 and Caution is free. Simple as that.

@Bayushi Sezaru thanks Davide! Can't wait for draft next week.

Oboro 1

@joemasilotti Well, yes, it is possible if you remain with Aayla as your last char. Anyway, it worked most of the time for me, because Aayla endgame was pretty much always loaded with at least a Heirloom and a Rey's Lightsaber that can roll that shield.

But as said, these are the flexible spots, so there are tons of other good cards :-)