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Kroshtan 75

This palpatine control deck works by using the consistent damage output of Palpatine, with his 3 2-damage sides, to systematically close out a game while using many, sometimes discounted, dice removal spells to control the opponents damage output.

The idea is to roll out Palpatine at the start of a round. After the opponent rolls out one of their guys, you can use a discounted removal spell to control them before resolving your own dice. If the opponent is reluctant to roll out, you can force them by using rebel traitor. This gives you control over when they will roll out their guys, so you can set up a good spot to remove whatever threatening stuff they roll.

The deck is not supposed to be highly competitive, but should hold its own against a variety of decks fairly well. The damage output is relatively low, but consistent, so as long as you don't die the game will eventually be yours.

This is version 1.0, brewed up in 30 minutes and untested. Suggestions are welcome, as well as any results anyone has with it. As soon as I am able to collect everything I need for the deck and test it, I will report back here.


truth123 305

looks somewhat solid. Have you tested this yet?

Nelp 43

I've got a load of these cards already, can you give me an idea of how this plays? It might be good for someone like me who is not so monetarily inclined to build, I was wondering if you had any tips, how it works, etc.

jerfinator 1

While I personally love Lure of Power, I don't think it helps Palp in this situation since you probably want dice with symbols to help use his power action.

Kroshtan 75

@truth123 I have not. I usually build my lists on here before I start trading the cards and I published this one to get a friends input. I will add changes and results at a later time if you'd like.
@Nelp I will add a write-up in the description.
@jerfinator I made the reserve argument for myself, where lure of power is a damage-increasing upgrade which can be used with all of palpatines damage sides. The point is not to cheese out overly expensive events, but rather to get a consistent discount of 1, maybe 2, per round.

truth123 305

I would also recommend exchanging Doubt for Sound The Alarm

Kroshtan 75

@truth123 Honestly, I put doubt in there as the only 0's because of palps face. Sound The Alarm might be better, but still possibly worse than some actual removal. Sound The Alarm doesnt line up against non-interaction turns through special chaining or playing an event into resolving dice. In short, I don't like merely rerolling dice if you can also spend a card actually removing it.