Battle Droids For The Win

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GregtheBiz 372

This is a borderline 1.5 Tier deck, with tons of health and a lot of damage capability.

Mulligan - Best case scenario is an imperial backing and a Sonic Cannon, which plays for free on any turn you have 5 droids. Plus, without having to worry about paying the costs on the Cannon dice, it can be extremely deadly. Attrition is probably the best card in the deck and is a huge target for Vandalize, as many people have scooped to me knowing that in order to win they have to do lethal damage to themselves from attrition. Aftermath is also amazing on turn 1 to just sit there and make you at least 4 resources.

Deck Build - Tons of removal and ways to spread damage around. Indirect damage doesn't seem great on the surface until you realize how much can be done. 5 Droid dice and a Lookout Post can easily deal 9 damage, which against a 2 character team, is plenty in 1 round. The Landing Craft is just as much there for the resource sides as it is for the extra battle droids, but getting an additional droid out with 2 Attritions is a killer to an opponent. Locked and Loaded is a blowout play, and can easily add 4+ damage for 1 resource. Battle Formation is in for the same reason.

The Blaster is something that could easily come out of this deck, even with Redeploy, it doesn't seem like it gets as much done that something in its place could.

Side Note - Using a Crash Landing or The Best Defense... to sacrifice one of your Battle Droids with 2 copies of Attrition out to snipe an opponents character..... Theres no better feeling than seeing the look on their face.


GregtheBiz 372

Please let me know what you think or give it a try and let me know if there are any changes you would make.

Focus Ninja 1580

Flank is something that needs to be in there

adran06 220

How well has this done for you? Cause I'm gonna just say it now: Separatist Landing Craft is useless for this deck. 100%. Best case, you build up some extra resources to remove dice with, maybe get some shields. If you're LUCKY, you can give up playing cards for the turn to get a new Battle Droid who will probably die that turn anyway (barring your 0 costs of course).

That said, no matter what, Battle Droid decks are just too weak to be worth it. They'll be dead before they can accomplish anything. I've never once felt like I was even close to winning with any Battle Droid deck. I'm just not sure they have the power to be an active threat to any deck due to how they work.

Andreeawe 1

What does Kanonenfutter add to this deck? As I see it, it only is useful if your Opponent has a load of damage showing on one die and you want him to waste it on a droid that's only got one or two hp left instead of possibly nearly killing a full- health droid, but it seems to me too situational and it's two Cards in your deck. My second thought was, why isn't Endlose Reserven in here?

CushionRide 77

cannon is a waste of time, you need to maximize your droids rolling, and being able to take more actions then your opponent. one guy made a deck called efficient droids and it actually looked like it would work, it garanteed at least 4 droids would roll in on one turn with command bridge. everything else dealt with ambush events and dice control.

honestly though, i do not understand why these things are 15 dollars a pop cause droids are dead to 2 thermo detontators, or if i used my Tie pilot deck i could cannon them all in one shot with salvo.

the only other deck i would consider using droids in would be the fun fin and poe deck i made, at least with that deck using c3po, cunning and a few other cards i could garantee the separatist lander gets the droids out more. since fin lets you use enemy vehicles, you ditch the card with poe resolve the special, get a droid, then either salvage it back, or cheat it back into your hand play it and then c3po another droid into play. deck has the "potential" to get a total of 16 droids into play, that is if im unmolested. yea fat chance of that, but the idea is hilarious. thats the best combo i could figure for the lander otherwise its pretty bad.

also you dont want to worry about equipment in this deck, you just want to roll out as many droids as possible, resolve them then claim. and pray you have another turn. but they are soooo weak. i just dont see them being that effective. im sure someone will prove me wrong, i hope so

GregtheBiz 372

@Focus Ninja Flank was taken out due to too many actions where I could have rolled in more Battle Droids from their ability, and had to choose to stop activation them to allow for Flank to be played. It was replaced by Battle Fatigue, which is usable in nearly every game at some point in Round 1.

@adran06 Yes the battle droids feel weak, they have 6 life each, but how many other decks start with 5 dice, with 4 damage sides a piece, and 30 life? A Strength in Numbers on turn 1 can have this deck doing 10 damage quite easily. This deck has been about 60-65% win rate, and has been adjusted a few times since Ive started. The Landing Craft is very helpful if drawn late, it is not a top choice on turn 1, but rolling it in on Turn 3, with 2 Attritions on the board and getting an extra Battle Droid is heartbreaking for an opponent. First turn is best if you can get a Cannon or a Lookout Post out (if you won the battlefield)

@Andreeawe Cannon Fodder is better served in this deck to split up damage and keep the droids alive for longer, waiting for Attrition and Aftermaths to hit the table. Endless Ranks was one of the last cards cut, as it is very expensive unless you get 2 Aftermaths on the board.

@CushionRide If the Sonic Cannon is played on turn 1, it is the most devastating thing ever. the 6 for 3 is nightmarish when you can simply tap a battle droid to pay for it. Speed isn't the most important thing with this deck, which is why Command Bridge is not in here. You want opponents to use their resources to remove a Battle Droid die. When was the last time someone ran a Thermal Detonator against you? Most decks, and maybe this is only in my regional Meta, run 2 characters.

You can try this deck if youd like, as I have had success with it in my area. I am going to play it this Sunday in a tournament and I will let you know how it did.

CushionRide 77

the only problem is that anyone can remove that cannon die, the advantage to my cannon deck is that i have the tie pilots to make sure the cannon die is unmolested. also Poe and thermo twice will kill the deck.

also yes the cannon is good but you have nothing supporting it, no salvo, no ruthless tactics those 2 cards are made for the cannon with salvo you will do that 6 damage to everything in play, thats how my deck would kill yours in one shot. with ruthless tactics you can ramp that 6 damage side to 9 damage. that will kill most low HP characters and really change your opponents tactics when they see that huge chunk of health disappear.

my first deck centered around using the cannon, and it worked really well. it was a fun deck.

GregtheBiz 372

@CushionRide I understand that people can build decks to directly combat Battle Droids, but then they will be vulnerable to many others. Every deck has a counter, but it will be very bad against others, thus not viable for a tournament. Plus, in order to resolve the salvo for 6 damage, you would need 5 resources. How often do you have that? And Ruthless Tactics for 9 would still cost 3 resources. The Cannon is in this deck to draw out the mitigation early. then allow the Battle Droids to do their thing, and if its not removed, its a heavy damage die that can be used for free.

mjhan300 1

I play a similar build and at the worst its a lot of fun. I don't expect to win a lot of tourneys but its fun to see how your opponents react to a (5) character deck. And yes, I have pulled off Strength in Numbers on turn one for (8-10) damage. I got out (2) Aftermath on turn one and later added Attrition and really caused a problem for my opponents as killing me started to ping him to death. Fun deck though...

CushionRide 77

dustin how do you do your math, if your resting a red character to pay for the cannon your only paying for the event.salvo for 2 and ruthless tactics is 0. if your talking about doing it round 1 your math is still off cause it would cost 4 for the salvo, but you dont use that round 1 you stall that for round 2 when you have the resources to play it. but with Ruthless tactics you could play that round 1 easy. it costs 0 and a rested character to do 9 damage if you roll good. you need those cards in the deck if you are relying on the cannon for the deck. there too good not to use

CushionRide 77

here is my cannon deck, take a look its not the best deck but i have loads of fun with it.

CushionRide 77

here's adrans deck it may be of interest i like it alot, almost makes me want to make it

GregtheBiz 372

@CushionRide Im sorry, you are correct. I had misread the Cannon as an action to resolve the die while tapping a character, thinking that it wouldnt be able to work with using Salvo or Ruthless Tactics. Those will definitely be tested in this deck.

GregtheBiz 372

Finished the weekly tournament at my local store 3-1, defeating Hero Vehicles, 5 Battle Droids and eYoda - Wizened Master/Padawan/Padawan. Battle droids were close, mirror matches always seem to be, but the other 2 were rolled by the droids.

Only loss came to ePoe2/eHan2 which could not stop rolling 2 sides and 2 . It was nuts. I did 8 damage turn 1 and less than 8 the rest of the game. Couldn't draw removal or combos. But that happens.

Still feel very confident in this deck, don't know what to trade out for the Salvo though. Maybe take out a Strength in Numbers.

Epro 554

Hey guys I've been tuning my droids deck for months now. Take look. Ground Battalion and Scorched Earth are worthy additions to your build and i'd echo the uselessness of Separatist Landing Craft in this deck.

GregtheBiz 372

@Epro Id love to look at your deck and compare, but you have to make it visible to others under settings

Caniac 164

Main thing I would test is lockdown into scorched earth. It is a very strong combo for 2 resources that can be devastating.