[Jango/ eGreivous] First efforted deck build.

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[Jango/ eGreivous] First efforted deck build. 0 0 0 2.0

TheKaminsky 7

This was my first true deck build. I really love Jango's ability because it causes opponents to second guess bringing in their characters. When actually, Grievous is the real threat. I just try to pump Grievous power out most of the time.

Would love some input.

Future change could be to add the Vibroknucklers. Not sure what else yet. Need to continue the research.

4/16: removed stolen caches and added truce.


GregtheBiz 372

Electrostaff, 2 Electrostaffs.

TheKaminsky 7

@dustin13862 I agree. I just don't have any yet. I'll replace the Gaffi Stick ... Not sure what else

Scorpio Bandito - CloudCityCasuals 318

@TheKaminsky I would take out Stolen Cache for Imperial HQ or if you don’t have then for Remote Stockpile.

TheKaminsky 7

@Scorpio Bandito i think I'm going to go with Truce just because it could give me the resource I need right away to finish a game. I wouldn't really care if the opponent gets one if I'm about to blow them away.