"Commoner" Challenge - Scary Ladies

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Sinomi 220

The Porg Patrol would like to issue the following formal challenge:

'Common Man' 3v3 Rare characters only. No legendary, uncommon or starter cards permitted in your deck. Limit of 10 rares max in your 30 card draw.


RebelTraitor 109

Can I just Post the Decklist or is there something else I need to do for the challenge?

Sinomi 220

@RebelTraitorFeel free to just post! Mostly I'm trying to pool ideas.The challenge isn't actually one that I made, but it's from a local league I participate in and I was sharing my deck list with my team so I could get some feedback.

Changes I'm making based on their responses:

Straken 2

Not taking part, but that sounded like an interesting idea. Here is my take on it swdestinydb.com

Bala Tik seems like he would be brutal in this format.

RebelTraitor 109

I posted an Aayla/wookies deck with this challenge

Sinomi 220

Cool, will check it out!

Albrasia 1

@Sinomi what did you remove from your deck to make your changes?

Sinomi 220

@AlbrasiaThe formatting didn't do what I wanted in my comment, but what I meant to do was this:

For many reasons, I want at least one LL-30 in my starting hand, but most notably because it's the only even-costed card in the deck.

I played it once last night in a practice round against another commoner challenge Asajj Ventress - Force Assassin / Quinlan Vos - Dark Disciple and it did quite well. I'll report back when we have our commoner format games on Thursday!