Kallus deck Common Man

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Straken 2

I am not taking part in the Common Man competition, however I did like the idea behind it.

I don't have two copies of every legendary (especially the expensive ones like Ancient Lightsaber). So a deck which doesn't use any is interesting.

While building this I did notice that alot of yellows good removal cards are uncommon which made it a little harder.

This was the first time I looked at Gaffi Stick which works really well with Kallus, boosting his 1 side to a three or making his 3 free. Obviously this is only if you roll a , but it doesn't have bad sides either.

LL-30 Blaster Pistols and Gaffi Stick go on Bala, then when he goes down they redeploy. If they target Kallus first, just overwrite the Gaffi Stick with an E-11 Blaster or Holdout Blaster. Either choice is bad for the opponent really. With 20 Health they aren't the liveliest but they sure can pack a punch.

Quick Draw into an LL-30 Blaster Pistol makes Bala into a pseudo Sabine, though his dice aren't quite as good.

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