Small Vehicle 5-die Hero

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maximus 612

This is another version of 5-Die Hero's Smalls Vehicles. This deck has 6 vehicles that cost 3 and 4 vehicles that cost 2. You want Rally Aid or Tech Team in your starting hand plus at least 1 vehicle.

The first objective of this deck is to put in play as many vehicles as you can each round. The second objective is to control the hand and field of your opponent with Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder, Friends in Low Places and Vandalize.

The most important cards of your deck that can make a difference between a loss or a win are : C-3PO and Rally Aid. In all the game, I've put these two on the first and second round, 90% were wins. With Rose - Skilled Mechanic, Maz Kanata - Pirate Queen and Hired Gun, it is easy to add 3 resources or more each round. Use your characters to generate resources. Protect them with 8 mitigations cards and Republic Cruiser shields generation.

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