FN-2188, FN-2189, FN-2190 and TK-422

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Buffybot 254

Strategy: Blast 'em! The deck has no protection or dice removal, so there are none of those complicated survival strategy decisions to make. It has virtually no shields and if I did happen to roll one on the E-11 Blaster I might decide not to resolve it, simply for not being thematic. Get Aftermath and/or Armored Support and/or Attrition in play early. They're important because your troopers WILL die, and the least you can do in their memory is benefit from their noble sacrifice. And they WILL miss their shots, because as we all know, Ben's insight in A New Hope that "only Imperial stormtroopers are so precise" is utter garbage. Upgrade TK-422 first, so he becomes the target and dies first. This is all part of the plan, because you want to bring him (or possibly his academy mate, TK-423) back with Endless Ranks, rather than an FN. Separatist Landing Craft is a bit of a red herring, I like that its dice become targets rather than your trooper or upgrade damage dice. But it's a red herring with potential, and Astromech is there to facilitate its special as a Plan B to get a reinforcement into play in the event your Endless Ranks are discarded away or out of reach resource-wise. It's a dodgy Plan B, but a fun one. The deck does also have lots of reroll ability, so Astromech is not a must to get the Separatist Landing Craft special going. But Endless Ranks is Plan A. With no defence, you need it. Starting health of 30 seems good, but with no defence, you get shot down as quickly as a ... stormtrooper. This deck can dish out decent damage though, and an early Strength in Numbers is a nice morale boost. Note this deck is designed for casual play with friends, not for tournament play. That's why, for instance, Rocket Launcher is there instead of a second Z6 Riot Control Baton, and the Separatist Landing Craft and Astromech instead of some other stuff that is more likely to be successful. Alternative deck name: Blankety Blank.


Ramin2-D2 486

love it. with all the pay sides, maybe add in Imperial HQ

Buffybot 254

@Ramin-2D2 It's a great suggestion. I had an Imperial HQ in there to begin with, and really wanted to fit in a second Imperial War Machine for the same reason, but in the end decided the deck was already support-heavy and needed more zero cost resource-generating events, so swapped it out for a second Crackdown. But there will be times where these troopers wish they had that HQ, no doubt about it. In the absence of HQ, the plan is to reroll those pay sides along with blanks using Armored Support, Battle Formation, and Target Practice.

Buffybot 254

@Ramin-2D2 Got a game in with this deck today and guess what happened in round 2? All three FN troopers rolled their pay sides and I had no resources to pay for any of them! Rerolled one into damage with Armored Support but the other two went to waste. Still managed to pull off a win, but an Imperial HQ would have been mighty useful today.