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darkhorse15 43

Hello again

I posted this pairing quite a while ago, and with the release of Legacies and the current quiet time before worlds, I took a moment to look back at my first competitive deck.

If you want to see the original cards played in that deck you can check it out under Hux Mania. Notable card inclusions / changes are Ground Battalion over Droid Commandos (obvious choice), Ark Angel, and Separatist Landing Craft. In the events suite Partnership > Deploy Squadron was a major change and preferred for me.

The write up is pretty much the same as before. You wanna see at least 1-2 vehicles in your opening hand with an Imperial Backing or preferably a Mobilize. Roll the Hux special and grab up them moneyz. AT-ST is absolutely possible with a Hux special showing turn 1, but I don't like to focus the deck around it. I want to swarm the battlefield with vehicles as quickly as possible, but I play the one of in case I get the 1st turn combo and scare the bejesus out of my opponent.

I love this paring of characters as everything builds off each other. Ciena Ree - Adept Pilot pairs very well with Guavian Enforcer, and General Hux - Aspiring Commander just allows for so much room as typical opponents will be going after his 2 dice, 11 health first more often than not.

Ciena + Guavian resource sides = a free re-ready on any vehicle. Can't beat that.

I don't play this deck much anymore competitively (I fell in love with obi/maz), but I do enjoy breaking it out every now and then for a casual game. Maybe it could be a high tier deck if I put enough time into it.

Lemme know any recommendations you have or if you want to build it but have questions on how to play it / build it towards your playstyle. Just a warning, I know Pirate Speeder Tank is a thing, but I don't yet own any. I want to test it plenty before I claim it's good to include.

Later :)

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General Vatutin 20

Just noticed your recent comment. I am building this deck as a permanent deck for my collection. What changes would you make to this deck for the way of the force meta. It doesn’t need to win consistently just some times or be in my tier 1.5/2 stash of decks. Thanks in advance!! —Brig. Gen.