17th place sadness

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 0 0 0 1.0
5dice Villain (Free-for-All) featured at www.yourdestiny.dk 12 10 3 1.0
5DV Free-for-All 3rd*/14p SC 5 3 1 1.0

wynalazca 260

Congrats on the great worlds performance! Sorry you were the bubble.

Love the deck!

truth123 305

um how did this even make it to 17th place. you have barely any upgrades and way too many events. switch out Frighten for Intimidate and switch out Probe for two Hidden Blaster's or two Hunting Rifle's since they have synergy with talzin's ability. remove Friends in Low Places for Crystal Ball or Fragmentation Grenade. remove Free-For-All for two copies of Dark Counsel for you to draw into some more mitigation. replace Fort Anaxes - Anaxes for Outer Rim Outpost - Nal Hutta since you can get some resources that way.

littlemag126 442

.... ? i 7-2'd, and between Brian and Myself it 9-0'd pods. Additionally it did quite well in play testing amongst the Council, and literally everyone who play tested with us made day 2, 3 of whom made top 16. your suggested changes are all terrible in my opinion. That said the list is quite strange, and look for a more thorough explanation of it at a later date

nismojoe 66

You're acting like this is a top 16 deck.

cjnj193 226

Free for all is a good card, who would have thought

Scorpio Bandito 223

Any deck is a top 16 deck if you build it and pilot it right, and even if it’s a top 17 deck instead, the man went 7-2 with it at WORLDS, like he did as good with this deck as people in the top 16 did with theirs.

TheSky3 81

Great showing with this, and I love the tech. The pair down and bubble out is a tough break.

That being said, did you ever try this with Price of Failure? I guess that works better with a re-deploy gun build, but still, just wondering what you think about it.

Thunder 225

Dude this deck is super sick! I love it and I think it would as both risky and well thought through. Good job Jonathan you will definitely break the bubble next year I am sure of it!

littlemag126 442

@TheSky3 I tested with PoF but found that it wasn't played often enough, and not only was it a dead card in those games, but it would often disrupt a talzin ability or witch magick, you need your evens to pay off more often than PoF did

Drink Blue Milk 88

the@truth123 comments so funny totally unaware that this deck was crushing swiss on multiple days...smh

jessebgordon 1

@littlemag126 I think what I appreciate most about this is that there’s not one legendary. That’s incredible! I’ll definitely be giving this a try. Well done, sir.

5P33D 75

If this deck didn't go 7-2 at worlds I would say it's pretty bad because honestly it does not look like a good deck. So truth123 made a lot of bad suggestions but he actually made a couple good points. The deck only has one cost upgrades that don't do much damage. I was wondering, besides free-for-all, how do you do most of the damage. Also, I think Intimidate is better than Frighten because it is free. Why did you use Frighten instead? Was it just because of Talzin's ability?

wynalazca 260

@5P33D Intimidate is better on paper but you're playing Talzin and seeing a zero is bad with her ability and in the current shields meta the ambush has a lot of value so it's worth running over the free version. This is a deck that is attempting to fully maximize the damage your character dice are capable of doing every round and landing Talzin's ability massively increases your chances at making it happen. I'd think the goal is to land 7+ every round the entire game and close it out with a quick free-for-all. Also, the 4 zeroes that were included are highly impactful ways to strip your opponent from being able to remove your character dice which massively hurts the deck's damage output.

Epro 548

So much jank!

Toonz 1

I'd love a more in depth write up on this deck if your willing and have the time. It's so interesting. Sry about your SoS luck.

lev 27

I love the build, congrats on your performance and too bad you didn't make the cut. Absolulety looking forward to your more in-depth report!

Fuser 1

Congrats on 17th!

KingD21 2

I wonder if you tried and through playtesting that it wasn't worth it, but thoughts on redeploy weapons (namely LL-30 Blaster Pistol and Holdout Blaster) . Yes, they are even numbered, but given that Bala is target #1 you'd be able to squeeze out some value out of those redeploys. Built a similar deck with 24 odd number cards (2x FILP, 1xProbe, 2xLL-30, 1xHoldout) -- curious if it's viable...

mateuslimao 284

Still salty about your sick discards in our match in the day hahaha (I was the brazilian Yoda Hondo). Great matches and a great deck. Good Job man, SOS Sucks.

tmol 35

I love the deck idea. Did you ever playtest with Rumors?

littlemag126 442

Soapy 2

Could you tell me how does this deck matchup against Kyo/X decks, Rey/Aayla decks, and Hondo/Yoda decks?

littlemag126 442

The decks pretty solid into kylo, as you have a wide color distribution. Rey aayla you're favored against, the only way you lose is if they get a massive CQA or roll all 2's in early rounds (kill aayla first, not rey). Yoda Hondo is about 50-50, essentially a skill match, you have to kill yoda round 2, and if you don't things get dicey.

KingD21 2

Ran this in a local tourney (4-0 -- it was a total beast -- the only 'trouble' was when I didn't get any of the 0-cost card mitigation early and had to risk rolling out my characters without hand knowledge). This deck is legit as long as you keep your character dice on the table and avoid getting Bala spiked.

Completely anecdotal but my one matchup with Rey/Aayla was BRUTAL for RA player. RA player starts with It binds all things and I follow up with a FILP (I see Ancient LS, Force Misdirection, Guard, and LS pull) so I discard the LS pull knowing that Ancient will likely be played next (which it was). Then I probed the 2 mitigation. By the end of 3 actions each, RA player has no hand and I was able to put 9 onto Rey at the end of the round.

Leddon75 139

First congratulations building this original deck. A deck that could run probe Droids, what do you think about them?

superalex598 31

Hey congrats on 17th! I can tell `@truth123 is a fun guy to be around. No wonder people don't want to get into this game anymore. Key word is GAME people.

5P33D 75

This is not a "GAME" it's life or death. Win or go home :) To the fans football is a game, but for the players it's their life. All about perspective.

Biercow 36

@littlemag126 Any thoughts on updates to this list now that WoTF is out?

hutch 101

@littlemag126 I feel like Grand Entrance goes in here for sure. That and Under Attack maybe ?

jessebgordon 1

Triple Threat seems like a viable option as well.

littlemag126 442

The only changes i've made so far is to add in 2 Triple Threats. Helps push damage while also having a bit of soft mitigation.

jessebgordon 1

@littlemag126 What did you remove to make room?