Poe, Finn, and Roger Roger

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Buffybot 184

Who hasn't thought that what Poe and Finn really need in their fight against the First Order are some Battle Droids?

Happily, Finn's ability allows you to have Separatist Landing Craft in your deck, so this can happen! In fact, with Poe Dameron - Ace Pilot's special, and the occasional Cheat, it can happen again and again, and again and again ... You are only limited by how many Battle Droid cards you have in your collection! Unless you have more than, um, 8. Nobody has more than 8, right? You're also limited by the fact you won't stay alive long enough to get 8 into play. But that's just nitpicking.

Hit and Run is there for Poe, to force through ranged damage, or, if you're lucky, to resolve his special to discard Separatist Landing Craft from your hand and resolve its special and pay 2 resources to add a shiny new Battle Droid to your team! If you're flush, spend another 2 to put it into play and maybe get another Droid next round. You might not even need to be flush to do that with a Tech Team in play, and if you're controlling the Weapons Factory Alpha - Cymoon 1 battlefield, which you may well be in round 2 with only two character dice. On that note, your opponent will likely get to choose the battlefield in set-up, but those 2 shields on Poe are much-needed.

As we know, Battle Droids are not the most elite fighting force in the galaxy. So they are just Phase 1 of your plan. Phase 2 is using them as a decoy while you set up a Planned Explosion to take out your opponent's best character. This is why the Resistance Bomber is here. Anyone who has seen The Last Jedi knows they surely aren't included for their bombing ability. If they are all the Resistance has available as mobile ordnance platforms, it's no wonder they are getting their asses kicked by the First Order. But, useful to help meet the trigger condition for Planned Explosion, where their indirect damage side becomes targeted. Other elements of the explosion are the dice upgrades, Landing Craft, Fang Fighter and Pirate Speeder Tank. The AT-ST is there to be discarded from Poe's special for 4 damage, or 5 if you have the resource handy and that extra 1 damage can defeat a character.

C-3PO is there to either provide credits or enable the specials on Poe Dameron - Ace Pilot or Separatist Landing Craft. Maz's Goggles would look cool on either on these guys, but serves the same purpose as Threepio.

Poe Dameron's Blaster is there because Poe is there, and it seems unlikely he'd forget to bring his blaster along. The Z6 Riot Control Baton is there because you know Finn wants one of those and I didn't have the heart not to give him the chance to use it. Both of those upgrades have 3 damage sides, which is not irrelevant.

The deck has two major weaknesses. One is that both of its main tricks, the Droids and Explosions, need shenanigans to pull them off. I don't mind this. It's fun to try, and both of these characters are a bit crazy anyway, I feel they would totally go for it. The other is character longevity, or absence thereof. More removal is needed. All we have at the moment is Field Medic, Fight Back, and Sound The Alarm, although there is also Targeting Computer, which I love for its flexibility.

Options for changes include: AT-DP, probably for Pirate Speeder Tank. A second Tech Team, maybe for Promotion or Maz's Vault. A second Second Chance or even a Bolt Hole to help with longevity. Perhaps Mend. More removal, a second Sound The Alarm or Fight Back.


CushionRide 57

I Made a deck similar to this poe and fins droid factory. not bad you need salvage it allows you to pull the separatist lander more.

CushionRide 57

Scavenge not salvage, im an idiot lol

Buffybot 184

@CushionRide, I like the idea of Scavenge here but can't decide what to take out!