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delkman 7

So this deck is broken lol. I really wanted to do something with Vader / Aphra because I like both Characters. The premise was to get Sith Holocron onto Aphra and get Blue only abilities on her. So far it has worked so so, but has not pulled out any W's. I'd like to keep all droids to take advantage of Aphra's ability and the Interrogation Droid combined with Vaders ability can do an unintentional Mill if you survive long enough. The holocron theory seemed good because everyone goes after Vader first, but I think I need to ditch that and go with some non restricted upgrades. I don't have anything like Ancient Lightsaber left, those are in my competitive deck, but I do have cross guard, regular sabers and a shoto that could come in. Any help would be appreciated, especially a way to shiled Vader other than just the Shoto Lightsaber because I only have one shoto left. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This deck is for casual play only, so i don't need it to dominate, just work somewhat properly. Thank you in advance for your time. I will say it was hilarious Force Choking my buddy with Aphra lol.

So I ditched the holocron idea and went with more weapons and removal cards. I think Aphra pairs up much better with Red characters, but I am really trying to make this work with Vader. I may change out the Crafted Lightsaber for another Heirloom Lightsaber for the redeploy. I hope to combo Partnership with Ark Angel to get a bunch of supports going at once along with a character. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!


delkman 7

@Razelll @buffybot let me know what you guys think of the change. I haven't tested it yet, I won't be able to until Thursday night.

Razelll 244

Sorry didn't see your post sooner. Ancient Lightsabers and Shoto Lightsabers are both really good weapons. If you want to pair Partnership with Ark Angel I would put in two Partnerships so you can do it more consistently and maybe even twice if your lucky. I don't think Free-For-All will do anything for you.I don't think Entangle is a very good card, but I know some people say it is really good, so whatever you think it is.

If you don't mind, could you tell me if Darth Vader's TIE Advanced is any good cuz I am curious if it is or not.

delkman 7

@RazelllThanks again for your help. I will replace Free-For-All with another Partnership. Darth Vader's TIE Advanced can be really good, it works really well with ranged characters. If you hit the special however its incredible, pay 2, deal damage equal to existing damage on a character. That can potentially kill a character in one shot, later in the game. A lot of people don't use it, but I think the Die sides are good only one modifier and blank side. Another card I'm considering adding 2 of is Probe. Zero cost that can remove the opponents removal cards if you get lucky :) I've seen that popping up in a lot of decks.

Do you play on TTS? If so let me know and I will add you to my friends list on steam. I don't have much experience though so I am slow with it right now. I don't have my competitive decks uploaded yet either, just these couple decks I've been trying to make viable.

I may also take out Force Choke and put LL-30 Blaster Pistol back in for more ranged chances, plus Ambush and Redeploy. Let me know what you think and thank you again, Greg

Razelll 244

I think LL-30 Blaster Pistol is way better than Force Choke so I would do that. You can't use Probe cuz it's red, but you can use Friends in Low Places to discard their removal, and also is 0 cost. Darth Vader's TIE Advanced does look pretty powerful.

Sadly, I don't have TTS cuz I don't have a good enough computer cuz I am only 15 otherwise I would have it. Fun fact I am actually using the family smart TV right now to post comments. Kurt

delkman 7

@Razelll LOL you can tell I was up late trying to add red cards. I'm getting ready to add my 32" Samsung down here in the office and get a new bedroom TV. My CPU has HDMI capability so that will help a ton, because TTS is tiny on here. I have been thinking about ID9 Seeker Droid Aphra can get them out for one and then overwrite them. Not sure at this point what else to remove. Thanks again for the advice will post again once I get it and the droids updated.