The Search for Ezra

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Buffybot 254

A deck inspired by the finale of Rebels.

Where will they find Ezra? How about ... the Sith Temple - Malachor? Ezra's idea of a joke. Ahsoka's just dying to go back there.

Let's take a look at Sabine's inventory for the journey. Thermal Detonators? Check. Never leave home without them. Jetpack? Check. Thermal Paint? Check. She'll be a wizard with these now after all that time hanging around on Lothal. Mandalorian Armor? Check. Rumour has it she sometimes wears it in the shower. Even in bed. After all, you never know what might try to kill you during the night. Just ask Padme. A pair of DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistols? Check. As her card art tells you, the whole point of having two hands is to fire two pistols.

By contrast, Ahsoka doesn't need much: just her Shoto Lightsabers and some Inner Strength.

They need a ship, of course. They're not going to find Ezra on Lothal. Unless he's turned into a loth-cat. That cool ship Ahsoka arrives in at the end of the finale isn't in the game, so have gone with a Republic Cruiser instead as the closest match.

A droid would probably tag along. It has to be R2-D2, he's been everywhere. I wonder, are we about to see the first Star Wars film without R2, or will they crowbar him in somewhere?

The events mostly speak for themselves but there are a couple of themes. Willpower combos nicely with Inner Strength. Dangerous Maneuver protects your first-targeted character but also spreads the damage to enable Invigorate.

Let's just hope that when they do finally find Ezra, he hasn't settled down with Thrawn for a quiet life of nerf-herding.

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01neo01 1

Just love the theme.