Obi/Maz - Top 4 at Euros

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sarahevans 113

This was my take on a more aggressive version. I took out Shotos for more surprise plays from hand, and to favour more damage base side upgrades, giving Maz a chance of finishing out games. My Ally is the Force was a vital card for me in the top cut.

Swiss finished 6-2

Kylo2/Anakin W

Talzin/Bala/Stromtrooper W

Yoda/Ezra/Rookie L

Yoda/Padme W

Boba/Phasma L

Yoda/Ezra/Rookie W

Talzin/Bala/Stromtrooper W

Rey2/Aayla W

Top Cut

Top 32 - Sabine/Ezra 2-1

Top 16 - Boba/Seventh Sister 2-0

Top 8 - Kylo2/Anakin 2-0

Top 4 - Rey2/Aayla 0-2


ordinaryjedi 816

Jeeeeez thats some spicy meatballs. Well done!

LukePM1776 91

How often did you find Impulsive useful? I ask because I have included it many times and it often feels like a dead card.

sarahevans 113

@LukePM1776 It certainly wasn't useful in every game, but it had a number of plays which make it keep it's spots. A typical play was Force Speed special into a discard to reroll, to then make sure you can make use of any focuses. I also used it to resolve a resource for an Obi 3 for 1 when my opponent had a disrupt in the pool.