Rieekan/Yoda Mill (10-0 Local)

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Scales 558

This is the deck I have been preparing for the upcoming Store Championship season.

It is currently undefeated (10-0) in a healthy local meta - and neither character has been defeated yet in it's current iteration.

Game Plan

Yoda is the backbone of this deck - his 's are versatile and ensure your survivability in the long-term as well as providing consistency with his natural 2 into Rieekan's 2 sides.

Yoda's Priority: > / > (Mill)

Rieekan should always be your first activation of the round - Yoda should have a from the previous round (based on the above priority order of his ), and Rieekan's ability easily procs Scrap Heap, effectively giving you 3 s to start the round.

s are the only side you want to see on Rieekan - his are only to be used to turn Yoda to s, turn his other die to s, or trigger Determination and turn his into .

Card Choices

Force Heal - Field Medic on a stick! 2 Health for 1 which can be easily attained through Yoda's .

Chance Cube - An obvious choice in this deck with so much . Mainly used with C-3PO's ability and turning it to 3 for easy hand disruption.

Krayt Dragon Howl - A flex choice. I find the 0-cost important with the other heavily costed cards in this deck (such as Emergency Evacuation and Fall Back). At the same time, it's very unexpected and most players know my goal is to mill - so they usually remove their die.

Emergency Evacuation - By far the ugliest card art, but also one of the best removal options in this deck! Between Yoda's and Rieekan's activation triggering Scrap Heap, it is very common to start most rounds with at least 3/4 s. Against aggressive decks that activate a single character and roll in 5 dice, it is easy to remove 8-10 dice at a time. It also has the added benefit of no-one expecting it!

Fall Back - If I have used or haven't found an Emergency Evacuation, Fall Back is the next best thing against aggressive decks. Since this deck isn't interested in , I find myself looking across the table at a 3-wide character deck with 3 upgrades on every character more often than not! This is my answer.


This deck is very tanky - the concept is simple: Control through mitigation and s. By turn 3/4 you should be looking to remove their final cards from hand with Determination, C-3PO, and Bespin Wing Guard

Feel free to leave a comment down below and I will respond as soon as possible


Manten 157

So no one in your local meta plays sabine?

Scales 558

@Manten - I haven't run into a Sabine deck yet. I think it has to do with the NPE Sabine creates - like in the days of Poe/Maz.

Icezox 7

Bon does it work against a blue vilain deck. I Play the same team but I find it difficult against them because plenty in my local m├ęta have the ewok village and they play so much shield destruction they truly are a pain.

WillHope@DF 241

Shouldn't it be called Dragon Mill?

Nah good deck though :) Adding it to my rotation.

Scales 558

@WillHope@DF - we've talked about this! It's Fish Mill!

Razelll 244

@Scales I just played against a very very similar deck 2 days ago, and I was using Sabine/Ezra. He was a doing really well until turn 3 when I pulled a weapon with Sabine, then played Never Tell Me The Odds with Running Interference, so he couldn't remove my dice. After I killed his Yoda it was pretty much over, cuz Yoda is the backbone of this deck. So I guess what I am saying is, when playing against Sabine/Ezra, look out for Never Tell Me The Odds, or Hyperspace Jump.

Good luck at your store champ. Mill Rocks!!!

ordinaryjedi 816

Certified trash.