Yoda/Lando 2nd place Auckland Regional

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This deck is amazingly fast for a mill deck. I average around 10 cards in the discard pile turn one. the games I played were fast, none even comming close to time. The games I did lose, I could put down to simple mistakes I made due to fatigue and my opponents getting god rolls.

I got the idea for the deck watching Yoda Hondo decks, it's a good deck but on his own Yoda dice don't damage anything, but man do they mill. The other deck I looked at was Yoda Rieekan decks, but once Yoda is dead Rieekan doesn't do much.

So I decided to try out Lando. Lando gets you money, the kind of money that makes it easier to play strength through weakness and hyperspace jump in one turn. I also like his 2 hand mill for one side. Yoda Lando reminds me of the old Poe2 Rey2 decks, both characters are good and one can definitely carry on after the other is killed.

All stars in this deck, Hyperspace jump won me most of my games Rebel makes it vary flexible Ascension Gun, they never pick my location making this one of the best mill upgrades ever.

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stranglebat 768

I like this build a lot. do you think with all the specials cunning could be useful? I assume people are mowing down yoda first.