Rainbow Villain Milling (with guide)

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elecash 42

This is a new concept of milling deck that I'm working on. Suggestions are welcome.

The main tactic is to choke your opponent resources and destroy all your opponent's upgrades. I've been able to discard 4 upgrades in 4 turns with this deck, destroying Rey's Lightsaber, Handcrafted Light Bow and 2x Shoto Lightsaber making imposible to my opponent to kill any of my characters.

Your ideal mulligan hand must be:


Your main objective in turn 1 is to destroy the upgrade played by your opponent. To do that you can use Vandalize or Disarm with 3 melee side in Gamorrean Guard. If you need use Nute Gunray - Separatist Viceroy or Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch focus, otherwise use Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch ability to turn to 3 melee.

You can make 4-5 resources easily in turn 1 with Chance Cube and Nute Gunray - Separatist Viceroy use them to play some mitigation and a Blackmail or Hound's Tooth.

Play Salvage Stand in your last action of the turn so you will force your opponent to claim fast or lost a resource in the next turn with Nute Gunray - Separatist Viceroy or Chance Cube.

From turn 2 you should have your opponent without resources and upgrades. Play mitigation, make resources and mill your opponent's hand. Play Disarm and Vandalize if they've been able to play any upgrade.

Use Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch to turn dice to what you need in each turn, so don't roll it too soon. Sometimes you need to wait until your opponent's played their characters and upgrades, then you mitigate and remove some damage with Gamorrean Guard and finally you can roll Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch to grab resources or turn dice to damage to use Disarm.

When you have 10-12 resources mill your opponent's deck with Buy Out and your opponent's hand with Bespin Wing Guard and Blackmail.

Combos / Tactics

Some tactics and combos that have been very useful playing this deck.


I've played around 10 games with this deck, losing only 2 and against very strong decks.

  • eSeventh/Ciena/Nightsister OTK => W
  • eKylo2/eAnakin => W
  • eRey2/eAayla => W
  • eGrievous/Boba => W
  • eLando/Rookie/Rookie => W
  • ePalpa => L
  • eBoba/eJabba => W
  • HiredGun/Ezra/JediTemple/Rookie => W
  • eRey2/eAayla => W
  • eRey2/eAayla => L
  • eRey2/eAayla => W

My defeat against ePalpa was in the last turn with a god roll with no cards in hand or deck. I could have probably won this game if I played a little bit better, but it was one of my first games so I was still testing some cards.

In my defeat against eRey2/eAayla I had some bad luck and also was my 4th game against the same player and deck so he knew exactly how to play against it.


Razelll 244

How well do you think this would play against Sabine/Ezra?

elecash 42

@Razelll this deck doesn't allow you to pay for weapons and that's exactly what Sabine Wren - Explosives Expert need to be dangerous.

So yes, I think that this deck can perform pretty well against eSabine/eEzra.

GregtheBiz 379

Why not Imperial Inspection? You have plenty of sides, and that would be a free 2-Cost weapon removal.

elecash 42

@dustin13862 I've considered to add it but it's cost is even and doesn't comb with Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch so that's why I'm using Disarm and Vandalize.