Repeater Yoho

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Yo Ho - Perth Western Australia Regional Winner 21 13 2 1.0
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stranglebat 768

We had a Tournament in Perth with a spot gloss Hondo up for grabs for first place this new list took it out with the help of the trust old T-21 Repeating Blaster

The meta here has minimal vehicles and mill and favours blue melee heavily

One the day i had my wins vs Zeb/Rey1, Poe2/Yoda, Yoda/Hondo Classic list, Sabine/Ezra, Rey2/Aayla,

Losses vs Boba 7th, Sabine Ezra (this one was in th swiss, my win vs the same deck was in the Top4)

Repeater was amazing, being able to reuse the special and have cunning or determination get 2 damage then reroll into something was great. X-8 likewise, in this heavy economy meta where people are paying you rather than taking special damage you can turn the x-8 to a 3 then connect it up with the ranged sides on Verpine and repeaters.


kjavis 44

if you use cunning to resolve repeater special do you re-roll the cunning die after?

stranglebat 768

No, its like thermal detenator interaction, you reroll the repeater die. But this is still great as there have been plenty of times i have resolved cunning and rerolled into the special or more damage sides.

stranglebat 768

@kjavis had a rules check done and it looks like cunning doesnt reroll the repeater as the reroll is a replacement for removing it. still works with determination though