Make em Say Claim - Ne Nah Ne Nah! (eJabba + Thrawn Fast Mil

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Three-Dice-Thunder!!! 47

Jabba Thrawn Mill!

Goal is to get Fast Hands on Jabba the Hutt - The Great and Mighty with either a Blackmail or Vibroknucklers. With Jabba's re-roll ability and fast hands resolve ability you dodge most mitigation & can make them discard 2-3 cards from hand each turn.

Thrawn is a good engine card! Also mills their hand & is your secondary character. Use The Best Defense... to soak up damage and keep Jabba alive as long as possible.

It may not look it but the deck is lightning fast.

You ALWAYS want to be claiming Command Center - Lothal mills 2 off the top of the deck. Plus many of your cards, Dug in, Hasty Exit, Superior Position require you to have the battlefield. There has been many times where I did not activate a character or resolve dice and claimed instead. Again, if in doubt CLAIM!

Taking Ground raises your chance of winning the the opening roll. To be honest, if you don't win the roll out you are kind of know. :)

Fun deck - have fun! & Enjoy!


Three-Dice-Thunder!!! 47

Quick edit - if worried about losing the opening roll - you can play New Orders! Have fun & enjoy!

Ramin2-D2 525

i suggest New Orders or Ascension gun to get use of the battlefield. And maybe Chance Cube to really rake in resources super fast.