Yoda Wedge

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Bigulf 736

The deck pretty much built itself many moons ago. I have been constantly tweaking it. Wedge is basically a 3 die character with one of them rolling a focus. Yoda makes the money and makes dice be what you need them to be. Things I am still contemplating is removing the Fang Fighter and adding more removal.


Ramin2-D2 525

probably add in a few more removal, such as Overconfidence?

GregtheBiz 379

Only 8 vehicles in a vehicle deck is slightly too few. I would recommend adding 2 T-47 Airspeeder , they are amazing, especially with special chaining to get 2 extra cards, which with so few vehicles is extremely helpful. I think 10 removal is enough, 12 if you count Field Medic as removal. I might suggest Locked and Loaded instead of strategic planning, especially with 2 Wedge Antilles - Squad Leader dice, that could easily turn 1 resource into 6.

Tybrid 895

I'd still cut Tech Team and flank, for Overconfidence and Chance Cube.

Bigulf 736

Chance Cube I cut as people learned removing that di set back my ramp up a ton. Losing the di as well as the resource to roll it out was too much. I was running 1 of Overconfidense as the spot blue at times was an issue.