Mind Games (Trilogy, Indirect)

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Mind Games (Trilogy, Indirect) WotF Updated 4 4 0 2.0

nonameface 124

The idea of this deck is to look like a mill deck when you sit down but really you're hitting them with a long control / indirect game.

If your opponent has a 2 wide deck with only ~20 HP or less indirect is very strong and makes for some very hard decisions.
If they come at you with 3-wide we have Force Wave to help deal with that. Don't get me wrong though you're still absolutely playing it and dealing yourself the 1 damage if they only have 2 characters. I will trade a resource and 1 damage for 5 damage everyday.

Yoda - Wizened Master is a beast in this deck, try to keep him alive. His 2 and insane will fix your Runaway Boomas randomness, his resources from that will let you afford to play your Millennium Falcon and Pirate Speeder Tank. And his flexibility will win you games.

Jedha Partisan These guys are super fun. They're going to be milling your opponents deck every turn with their ability, and while this isn't a true win condition for this deck, it does put pressure and control onto their deck. These guys have a fair cost, good indirect damage, and most importantly they turn on your unfair cards like Easy Pickings They also make good fodder for Into The Garbage Chute Dont be afraid to exhaust one to remove 4 damage.

Runaway Boomas This card is a rockstar. You likely want to muligan for one of these. With Yoda's it makes it totally worth it to power action out another dice. Make sure you're saving yoda's and to fix these dice. Make sure to play around an opponent's Easy Pickings, its OK to play this deck slowly.

Scrap Heap will ramp your . All 3 of your characters can mill from their deck with abilities so it doesn't matter who they kill, they can't turn this off. Once you have 1 of these down Yoda - Wizened Master can get you 2 with his special (Mill 1, scrap heap, + Take a resource).
Bartering is also in here for some money with two 1 sides and a + it should generate alright, and the rest of the sides are all control. This card is stellar!

Weak cards / Unknowns
Well-Connected I like being able to pull a resource from my hand, I'm unsure if this is necessary.
The Force Is With Me This is OK removal but I dont love it. There aren't many choices in Trilogies at the moment. This is probably replacable. I think its probably alright to swap one of these for another Hidden Motive. This needs to be tested. Maybe another Flank works to swap the other one if you really don't like it, but flank is rough if you get behind on characters.

Last Thoughts

  • We only have 6 'damaging' supports and 2 'damaging' upgrades. This feels a little light. I'm not sure how to fix this with the current pool we have.
  • You probably won't claim, this deck plays best slow. Take the if their battlefield isn't helping them too much or pretty neutral. Take yours only if they dont have a blue character to benefit from the shield.
  • Heightened Awareness vs Defensive Stance I'm not sure which of these is the best card in slot. Shields are super good in Trilogies, there isn't much to get damage under them so they're basically just free health.
  • You could substitute elite Jar Jar Binks - Clumsy Outcast for one of the Jedha Partisan if you want. If you do, I would consider adding a Republic Cruiser. You can probably remove Bartering for the cruiser as they ultimately serve a similar purpose. Economy and focus. The cruiser is probably better in this build with Jar Jar Binks - Clumsy Outcast with the additional shields due to jar jar's slightly lower health.

Your Thoughts?

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Razelll 244

I think it is a great idea