The Squad Explosion!

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This deck has two yellow characters so that "spot a yellow" should work from the start to the end. It contain 10 mitigation cards, 4 "discard from the hand" cards and 10 vehicles. The other 6 cards are 1 C-3PO, 1 Diplomatic Protection, 2 Rally Aid and 2 Planned Explosion. The Planned Explosion is key for killing a character fast. The beauty of it, with this deck, is that you don't need other dices than your starting character dices to do it if you're Lucky. Both Hired Gun and Wedge Antilles - Squad Leader have 3 value on their dices and Ezra Bridger - Force-sensitive Thief has a 2 value for a max value of 11. You need 10 with Planned Explosion.

This is why the Z-95 Headhunter is in this deck because it has a 3 value that can be use with the Planned Explosion. The power action of Wedge Antilles - Squad Leader can get you big value of the dice of one of your vehicle. Always use Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder and/or Friends in Low Places prior to using the power action of Wedge Antilles - Squad Leader to remove an event that would target your dices. If you can play Diplomatic Protection on Wedge Antilles - Squad Leader before he die, do it because Wedge Antilles - Squad Leader will be the first target of your opponent.

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