Alien Chicks - Ahsoka / Aayla

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Ramin2-D2 525

With the new store-championship promo Ahsoka out there, it was time to make use of her in a deck. Pairing up with a fellow tentacle-headed alien girl, Aayla, this makes for an aggressive deck.

Early game, Aayla is very strong, making her usually the first target to be killed. Thus the only thing I usually end up getting to play on her is Force Speed, and maybe one other upgrade if lucky. The rest of the upgrades can go onto Ahsoka. This make having It Binds All Things in the opening hand pretty crucial. Destiny is also a great help, using some of your blue dice to throw down a big weapon as a set up for the next turn.

A common mistake is to pay for Ahsoka's ability in the early rounds. I prefer just putting down upgrades, and rolling. As these two girls have really good damage sides. Late game, when resources are aplenty, is when Ahsoka's ability becomes relevant, when you are no longer needing resources for upgrades, etc. Yes there are games in which I end up paying 4 or 5 resources each round to unexhaust Ahsoka, but late game it's totally worth it, with so much damage to swing for some kills.

Please comment with any suggestions, or personal experiences.

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