Jabbas Control! No Hand for You!!

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GregtheBiz 379

This pairing has multiple ways to mill your opponent, whether its grinding their hand, slow deck mill, or huge blowout Buy Out plays.

Mulligan: I HARD mulligan for Fast Hands and Con Artist. Con Artist goes onto the Guavian Enforcer on Turn 1 gives your opponent 3 terrible characters to look at and choose who to go after first. Best first hand would be Con Artist, Fast Hands, Cable Launcher, Salvage Stand and a mitigation card. An alternative first hand would be Hound's Tooth, My Kind of Scum, Fast Hands, Salvage Stand and a mitigation. First one is there to destroy opponents hand and deck, second choice is to ramp resources and blow out with a Buy Out.

The Guavian Enforcer was chosen for the "Yellow Character Only" and Spot Yellow Character cards, plus the fact that his die works wonders with Loose Ends and the need for resources.

The deck plays slow in the beginning as you build your board state up with a couple of the powerful supports. Keeping the first character they attack alive until at least round 3 is the goal (hopefully its not Jabba).

Once Jabba does die, the hand mill becomes fairly tough, with the only mill sides being on a couple upgrades, so the second Blackmail needs to be held for your last character alive.


GregtheBiz 379

Please let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions. Planning on running this is my local tournament this weekend.

Razelll 244

I would put in another Hound's Tooth and x2 Loose Ends. I really like Lying in Wait in villain mill cuz it is a great way to win the game if they don't have any more cards in their deck.

Also, I have been trying to make a good villain mill, so I would love to here how the tournament went.

Razelll 244

I meant x2 Lying in Wait not Loose ends, cuz you already have 2 of them.

GregtheBiz 379

Lying in Wait was the last card cut and Im not sure what to take out to slot it in. Maybe take out a My Kind of Scum....

Razelll 244

Well, why do you have Bait and Switch if you want resources? My Kind of Scum probably isn't needed if you have Salvage Stand to get rid of the resources that they don't spend on their first turn.

GregtheBiz 379

@Razelll Tournament report for local tournament. 1-2, one loss was to Sabine/Ezra and was closer than it seemed, with Jabba dying turn 2 before activation and Nute dying turn 3. Even with all that, if I survived his last turn, I had enough to empty his deck and have him, at most, with 2 cards in hand. The other loss was only a loss because my Con Artist die was rolled 4 times and couldnt hit a special with enough to finish off his deck and no cards in hand. Win was against a Hero Vehicle deck with eYoda/Hera/Maz. So not great, but had a really good chance to go 2-1. The deck needs some kind of healing though I cant figure out where to get it from. Need some Field Medic for Villians that isnt Blue.

Also want to note that I didnt get Fast Hands in any of my mulligans.

Bait and Switch is in the deck to quick turn a Jabba die to a 2 or a 2 if I have My Kind of Scum on the field. Also, theres only 1 in the deck because I would like resources.