General Maul

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bgrelle 7

My guess is this sucks but tell me what you think.


GregtheBiz 379

General Grievous - Jedi Hunter is too squishy to run as the elite character. 10 HP just isnt enough.

bgrelle 7

Yea, I only have one Maul and was trying to build around that. Anything else wrong with it outside of Grievous's hp?

cjnj193 232

With the amount of weapons you have you can prob cut lightsaber pull. If you have the luke starters I would def use Heirloom Lightsabers. I don’t think you will ever be able to play rise again

bgrelle 7

Thank you for the feedback. I will actually put it together and just see how it plays. I don't have any Heirloom but I will go ahead and swap out the pulls for something else.