eAayla/ePoe2 Trilogy

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IFlamingLion 63

I recently made the switch to the Trilogy format because I wanted to try it out, and settled on Aayla/Poe as my deck of choice. Making use of some light special chaining (not a major focus) and some good economy cards, this deck is pretty consistent in winning games. The split damage types of Aayla and Poe do occasionally slow down the deck, but never so much that I would think it worth changing characters.

After having previously played a very resource starved deck, changing to this one was a welcome change, using 2x Logistics and 2x Adapt, plus the Profitable Connection I find myself almost always having enough resources to play my higher cost upgrades, and still being able run some more expensive events, such as: Alter, Concentrate and Dive.

I have so far found great success with this deck and highly enjoy playing it. As always, feedback and criticism welcomed.


Hessian Sack 1330

Glad to see that you've published this! Can't wait to have a game...

Icezox 7

Since you seem to produce quite a bit of shields woudn't Ataru Strike make the job as a finisher

Razelll 244

Or Riposte as a finisher.

IFlamingLion 63

@Icezox Thanks for commenting, I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a couple of Ataru Strikes, but currently I don't have any in my collection. If I was to get a few I'd probably remove 1x Do Or Do Not and 1x Stun Baton.

@Razelll I used to have Riposte in a previous, non-Trilogy version of this deck, but seeing as it's from the Awakenings set, it's not legal in the Trilogy format.