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Martään 65

For quite some time I looked for a way to get Quilan work and ended up with this deck. I managed to grab some wins with it (2-0) in the last TTS league, but didn't made top 32. Beated Sabine (with a help of great rolls) and Drive-by Shooting. As Way of The Force is soon upon us, it's last chance to publish it.

Quilan Vos is about his special side. It takes same a setup to make it work, but once triggered, can deal really nice damage. Rounds 1-3 he is mostly presence, that keeps opponent conservative with his card usage. Hondo keeps game progression slow and hopefully produces some resources, to play out Rise Again and upgrades.

Key cards

Psychometry While being nice removal, this card is Quilan's natural ability that let's you to hoard cards to your hand. When facing vechicle deck, it's still playable, but needs some strong upgrade die in your pool.

Rise Again Staple. Keeps Quilan alive while giving him some nice upgrade.

Chance Cube Early game produces some resources, later it means 1-2 bigger hand size.

Dark Presence Fits really well with those starting dice. Play 2 of those out for really grim efficency.

Boundless Ambition Your opponent might know you have this card and that makes him even more conservative. If he doesn't, the better. But watch that No Mercy into Boundless ambition.

Bait and Switch Synergies with many dice including Quilan's, Chance Cube, Lightsabers and Psychometry.

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