7-1, 22 person SC winner - Cad Snoke

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outrun 360

  • I didn't know what the meta would look like, especially pre-holocron update.
  • Didn't want to worry about mill; this and a few other aggro decks have done fine against mill in my testing. Didn't want to use dooky to counter mill, because fuck Kylo
  • Didn't want to play a vehicle list, because some current aggro decks rip that shit up, and I didn't want to get ripped up
  • Didn't want to play DBS, because even when the living-god Serdapi plays DBS, it's having a hard time
  • Wanted to play a list that does some broken things - this does that

Mulligan - keep a gun and mull for speed

Play speed turn 1 and then win

enrage + truce felt like just the right amount of resource generation

overwrite guns more often than playing them

relentless pursuit was a throw in to move snoke indirect under FIs - this card could easily be replaced

this deck probably cant win gencon

hardest matchup was vs Stairs, fuck that list and fuck its creator


Vitalogy1010 136

I love this build! Great job!

PorgChop 293

This was spicy. Made a lot of people say “Gaaaaaawddamitt”.

zukie78 44

How did this do against Kylo2?

Scorpio Bandito - CloudCityCasuals 311

How often did you use Snokes Power Action to hit Cad’s 2Discard for 4? My friend was proxying this deck against me a few days ago and his play was to always use Cads action cheating to 4Discard if he rolled it, and it was strong as hell

outrun 360

@Scorpio Bandito

Depends on the matchup, if I already peeked with FiLP and what my potential dmg is

For example, I ripped a vehicle players' hand a couple rounds in a row and he simply could not play since veh char dice are typically weak. But if I'm facing aggro and it's going to be a race, spending the die and snoke ability to discard may not stop me from getting smoked

If snoke is on 2 upgrades I'm probably more likely to take the discard because I have other sources for dmg. If 1 upgrade and limited resources , prob not

If opponent is down to one char, I will take the cards because then I can try to maximize the other dice and snokes indirect will go through

But the discard side,while oppressive, isn't why you win

Hope that helps

Also your friend is a shithead

Platform327 1

Wish you would have kept this quiet! :) Nice win dude! I have a list similar with a few changes. These 2 are going to be force whatever list is behind them.

hardfries 1

@outrun thoughts on Fast Hands instead of force speeds? I don't have speeds, and the fast hands might be a bit redundant on Cad if i'm using his ability to play ambush guns on him, so I'm not quite sure to run instead.

Ctorres3486 1

`@outrun I just started playing recently and have never played with force speed before. I played this deck the other day without them and would use Cads ability with ambush and roll some good stuff. In your games with force speed. If you didn't have any more upgrades to play (because you didn't draw it that round) Do you lead off first with snoke? or First roll cad and see what you roll and then roll snoke? I assume you would lead off with Snoke hoping to hit force speed special, get the two actions and that would be rolling cad and having the chance to use the dice with no chance of mitigation? Also, have you considered the card All in?

John Solo 1

@outrun what is the "Stairs" deck you speak of?

Platform327 1

@hardfriesFast Hands goes against the power action of Snoke, and cuts you short. I normally love Fast Hands on Cad Bane.

hutch 101

6-2 ;)

triplenine 8

So... Cad player for a while and I am stoked that he is back but can it be done without force speed? I don't have any. I went so far as to buy a box of SoR yesterday and not one showed up. (Should have just ebayed one up but you know...) I know what force speed does, of course but can I action or dice cheat in another way to keep the speed up?

the BEAST 940

@triplenineI’d say maybe Infamous could help you with speed. It can also be good if you want to include non-ambush guns.