Bucket Heads- 2nd place in 22 ppl SC (Undefeated in Swiss)

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hutch 101

Took this to a 22 person SC at Gamer Loot in Indianapolis, IN on Saturday and preformed quite well. went undefeated in Swiss and the first game of the top cut. Only loss being to the winner of the SC and a really good player. The deck is fairly easy to pilot if you are familiar with playing Boba/Phasma. With all removal being cheap you just play an upgrade a turn and do consistent damage. The intricacy to this deck is knowing when to commit and when you ditch the combo tools. With 2 swiftness, 1 tactical mastery, 2 Grand entrance and 1 we have them now there is a lot of explosive turns that just win games. While we are on the subject Grand entrance is a beast of a card and my new pet card for sure. Tactical mastery and swiftness do not only have to be played with We have them now or grand entrance, other targets are quick draw with a weapon or swiftness into tactical mastery. Mulligan is pretty simple. Keep one weapon (preferably redaploy) and any removal (because you run so few). Grand entrance is great but I usually don’t use it until I have two weapons on a character as that feels the earliest I can play it for good value.

Only changes to the deck I would make are addind DH-17 most likely and maybe better removal (if there is any)

Highlight of the day was putting 9 damage into kylo round one (Kylo Snoke) followed by turn two Kylo playing rise again to heal and then rolled out 9 more damage on Kylo before he could roll out.

Final note is that Friends in low places is also a combo piece for We Have Them Now because with all the Kylo and other aggro decks running around there isn’t a lot of removal (at least in my meta) and it allows you to be greedy and just play the WHTN without consequence.

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