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Fast Fungans 2 1 3 1.0

nonameface 66

This looks nasty. I thought adding yellow might be better, but looking at this list this seems pretty fun. Very interested in trying this rendition of the gungans.

stranglebat 776

FYI Sonic Cannon is an Artillery for Gungan Offensive.

m4lk4v00 14

Can you really take advantage from Drop Zone and Planetary Uprising with a 4 character deck?

I know you are using Wingman and Squad Tactics, but I don't see it being a fast deck... But I would like to be wrong, hehe

cjnj193 232

I don’t think gungans last long enough for the 4 character thing to matter, and claiming early is prob gonna do more damage then the gungans will

Big_Campy 153

I ran a similar deck with Hit and Run and Wingman for speed to get a claim early. I played with elite Jar Jar Binks - Clumsy Outcast though to get some Yellow. Think about running Aftermath it is a good resource card for a large team like this. I also ran the Arena of Death - Nar Shaddaa and had a game where if my opponent killed one more of my characters I would be able to claim for 7 damage for the win.

Big_Campy 153

First Aid is a straight upgrade from Field medic especially in a Mono red deck.

RebelTraitor 109

this deck needs Jar-Jar. he gives you access to dumb luck, boomas, other yellow cards, and his ability